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Twitter Web App : Lock her up! Lock her up!

The cruel schoolmarm is one of the nastiest creatures in the swamp!

Secretary Betsy DeVos is gonna look great in an orange jumpsuit!

Getting rich off the backs of hardworking kids is truly deplorable.



Twitter Web App : This is total BS. Ambassador Sondland is a wealthy businessman who doesn't have to remain silent. He could choose to testify, just like Watergate witnesses.

The American people can draw the reasonable inference that he is covering up corruption.

#TuesdayMorning Thoughts twitter.com/mkraju/status/…

Twitter Web App : GOP minority calls for delay on Trump impeachment until Pelosi agrees to give White House more control over process rawstory.com/2019/10/gop-mi… Me: FUCK NO!

Twitter Web App : Last one for #MusicMonday, I promise. Fela Kuti resurrected Ginger Baker from the silliness of The Ginger Baker Airforce. youtube.com/watch?v=z8Lz0P…

Twitter Web App : Forgive me for hogging #MusicMonday. This is my 2nd fav Ginger Baker piece and my 2nd fav Steve Winwood.

Twitter Web App : Feeling sad and invisible on twitter lately. Reminds me of high school. pic.twitter.com/wHfKRIdODn

Twitter Web App : My #MondayMusic offering in tribute to a god among men. Farewell, Ginger Baker, you divine madman, you.

Twitter Web App : A.J. My old man (three-time convicted felon) said it was one of the closest depictions of the life, he ever saw on film.

Twitter Web App : Morning #WritingCommunity! In the interest of inspiration, name one character (from a book or film) who has been useful or influential in your writing. 📚🖊

One of mine... pic.twitter.com/wWaRuf8lZ6

Twitter Web App : “I, in my great and unmatched wisdom,... ?” Who talks or writes like this? The closest i can come up with was Qaddafi.
Not Mubarak. Or Ben Ali. Or Assad, let alone any European leader. Really can’t remember a current or recent example. twitter.com/bencnn/status/…