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Twitter Web Client : To keep Twitter safe and free from spam, today we are announcing changes to TweetDeck to no longer allow simultaneous actions from multiple accounts. Read more here…

Twitter Web Client : Today we discovered an issue affecting accounts that manage teams. The bug has now been fixed and we apologize for the inconvenience. Please note that this bug is unrelated to the change described in this blog post…

Android : One man, countless lives changed.

To honor his legacy, share how Martin Luther King Jr.’s life impacted yours with #ThankYouMLK50

TweetDeck : We’re making a change to the ‘Like- and follow- from accounts’ functionality to limit these actions to one account at a time. For more information on our Spam rules, go to…

TweetDeck : You can now upload and send Tweets with videos in TweetDeck, Tim.

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TweetDeck : Using Teams for shared accounts? You can now contribute to Teams on Android & iOS – so it's easy to Tweet on the go.…

TweetDeck : 1/3 Some more updates to TweetDeck! Firstly, Tweets in detail view now update instantly with reply, Retweet, and like counts

TweetDeck : 3/ We also added the ability to control whether GIFs auto-play or not! Click the ⚙️ icon and flip the switch in settings ✨

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