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Android : The man is an unindicting co-conspirator in a federal case where as Cohen is in prison.

Barr will obstruct and interfere with any investigation.

Justice Department is compromised.

GOP is compromised!

Nixon feared going to prison so he resigned.

This nightmare needs to end!

Android : Through Trump, the GOP has stealthily packed federal courts with ideologically extreme judges

This will have a profound impact on our lives for generations

No Dem candidate has made a plan to undo this damage a central part of their platform


Android : 30 Months

2 SCOTUS Justices

43 Appeals Ct Judges

99 District Ct Judges

Many With Scant Qualifications & Ideologically Extreme

All making decisions that will impact all Americans for decades

One chance to stop the bias & corruption


Android : This Is Beyond Despicable!

The #ComplicitCorruptGOP Cult Leader Is Taking Food Out Of The Mouths of Half A Million Kids!

Thatโ€™s 500K Children Who May Not Get Their Only Dependable Meal Each Day!

Republikkkans Hate Children, Obviously!


#OneVoice1 twitter.com/repbarbaralee/โ€ฆ