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TweetDeck : Homelessness isn’t inevitable in a country as rich as ours. That’s why today – on #WorldHomelessDay – we’re sharing our plan for how a Labour Government will end homelessness within five years.

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TweetDeck : Mental health matters. Labour will make sure we take care of everybody’s mental health, from childhood to adulthood. #WorldMentalHealthDay #WMHD2019 #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek

TweetDeck : While Boris Johnson's policing pledge continues to unravel, we take you through the long history of Tory spin and broken promises.

Take a look at our in-depth article here 👇…

TweetDeck : A Labour government will prioritise prevention to tackle the causes of mental ill health, and fund mental health services properly so fewer families have to fight to get the support they need.


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TweetDeck : Labour has a real plan for real change now. Pass it on 👇

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Twitter Media Studio : The Conservatives are completely out of touch with the reality of peoples lives.
Boris Johnson and his party should ashamed of their record on homelessness.
On #WorldHomelessDay, make sure people know about this.

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TweetDeck : Well build 37 new offshore windfarms and create 67,000 green jobs in the process.

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iPhone : This is the type of high quality, eco-friendly social housing we should be building across the UK.

The Tories created the housing crisis, Labour will fix it by building a million, genuinely affordable homes, the majority of which will be social housing.…

Twitter Web App : Were visiting towns & bringing people together to talk about the issues that face their community. Had an excellent time in Colchester on Saturday. Thank you to our candidate Tina McKay and everyone who attended.

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TweetDeck : Labour’s Brexit position:
- Negotiate a deal that puts people first. 🤝
- Let the British people decide.🇬🇧
- Bring our country together and rebuild our services. 🚑📔👮‍♀️

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TweetDeck : This site used to be an oil power plant, but is now used to make wind turbine blades.

A brilliant example of how we can transition from fossil fuels to clean energy.

In government, well build 37 offshore windfarms as we kickstart a Green Industrial Revolution.

Twitter Web App : This is what Labour Roots is all about.

Join us in Hastings this Saturday.

Details here:

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TweetDeck : Our Brexit stance: negotiate a sensible deal that puts people first, and then let the people have a final say.

Labour will let the people decide.

Pass it on 👇

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TweetDeck : Labour takes the #ClimateEmergency seriously. It’s time for a Green Industrial Revolution. Well increase UK offshore wind power five-fold over ten years, creating 67,000 good, unionised jobs. Are you with us?…

iPhone : *New FOI* shows Government equalities staff get as little as 7 days paternity leave 👇…

TweetDeck : The £1 billion in Tory cuts to youth services mean that too many young people have nowhere to go, nothing to do and no one to help them with their problems. It’s time to invest in young people. Are you with us?

Find out how here 👉

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TweetDeck : Climate activists are taking to the streets to demand urgent action on the climate crisis. There's no time to waste. That's why we have a plan to radically transform our economy and protect our planet with a Green Industrial Revolution. With us? Sign up 👉…

TweetDeck : The Tories have slashed £1 billion from youth services. Our young people deserve better than this. Our young people deserve a Labour Government that will invest in them and their future. Agree? 🔁

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TweetDeck : In 2008, Labour introduced the world’s first Climate Change Act. Earlier this year, we ensured Parliament declared a #ClimateEmergency.
Now, were planning a Green Industrial Revolution to protect our planet and invest in our future.

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Twitter Media Studio : Boris Johnson wants a damaging trade deal with Donald Trump that would mean lowering food standards.
Share the facts.

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