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Gain Platform : On July 19, 1848, the #SenecaFalls Convention began, launching the women’s #suffrage movement in the US. #onthisday

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Twitter for iPad : Here’s a clip from @kenburns Jackie Robinson film to accompany ⁦The Nation⁩ “Half a Century Before Colin Kaepernick, Jackie Robinson Said, ‘I Cannot Stand and Sing the Anthem.’” pbs.org/kenburns/unum/… thenation.com/article/huac-j…

Twitter Web Client : Nominated to SCOTUS by a Republican president, Justice John Paul Stevens became the voice of liberal #America. Mostly, he believed in fairness & independence.

Check out Stevens in #PROHIBITION and National Constitution Center Jeffrey Rosen tribute here: bit.ly/2YTpvXa

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Twitter Web Client : Billie Holiday expresses all of the hurt we all feel. She spoke directly about the human condition, and was brutally honest about where she is, and by extension, where we are. And she is one of the great gifts to the human race.” —Ken Burns

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Gain Platform : #Art is one of those really clear and obvious ways where 1+1=3. — Ken Burns

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Twitter Web Client : #DoYouKnow how the word broadcast was defined before #radio? Ken Burns breaks down the origin. to.pbs.org/2JHfQfH

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iPhone : Ratified on #onthisday in 1868, the 14th Amendment granted citizenship to all people born in the US (incl formerly enslaved people). It is also the basis for landmark #SCOTUS rulings like BROWN v. BOARD and OBERGEFELL v. HODGES, the 2015 decision which legalized gay marriage.

Gain Platform : Legendary pitcher Satchel Paige was born #onthisday in 1906. Famous for his showmanship and charisma, Paige — like many athletes past and present — was also a keen observer of history.

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Twitter Web Client : On the 25th anniversary of @ESSENCEFest we look back at #jazz music and how its inclusive spirit further sparked democratic #change. #ESSENCEFest to.pbs.org/2Jsy7xs

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iPhone : While we are celebrating #IndependenceDay today, lets also reflect on how the definition of freedom continues to expand throughout the years. to.pbs.org/2XlIc41

iPhone : For me, July 4 - my favorite holiday - is a time to celebrate both our freedoms and the women and men of all backgrounds who have fought - and continue to fight - to make them a reality. Happy 4th everyone. Keep up the good work.

iPhone : End of an era. Many thanks Bob Ley for having me on ESPN through the years and bringing such integrity and class to everything and everyone. Wishing you the best in next chapter #respect

iPhone : Leaders have defined key moments in American history. to.pbs.org/2KCiuWX

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iPhone : Franklin Roosevelt once said, "Let us unite in vanishing fear..." which is what his honesty through his fireside chats did for many Americans. See more: to.pbs.org/2LcnbpW

iPhone : UNUM is now a free online destination where you can explore the connections between history and current events. Check it out - pbs.org/kenburns/unum podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/ken…

iPhone : Today is #WorldRefugeeDay. Learn how how you can help from the International Rescue Committee @theirc. Here’s a clip from Ken Burns The Statue of Liberty - to.pbs.org/2FnqneH