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Bio UN Women is the UN entity for #genderequality & womens empowerment. Executive Director: @phumzileunwomen.
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Hootsuite Inc. : After working for years as a migrant domestic worker, Pascual went back home to find out her husband hadn’t saved any money from the remittances she had sent.

On Day of #FamilyRemittances, read how women like Pascual take back control of their futures: unwo.men/LdVA50uCKMl

Hootsuite Inc. : Did you know? Women migrant workers send home a higher % of their earnings than men.

Find out more on the International Day of #FamilyRemittances: unwo.men/Huw550uCKBl

Hootsuite Inc. : They play the same sport, at the same level, so why is there such a big difference in their salaries?

We demand #equalpay for #WomenInSport, NOW.


Hootsuite Inc. : "Men who do hands-on care work are better men.

Their health is better.
They are happier."

- Gary Barker, CEO & Founder of Promundo-US, which has recently launched its 3rd State of the #WorldsFathers report. #FathersDay unwo.men/soqL50uEta6

Hootsuite Inc. : This #FathersDay, join the fathers who defy patriarchal attitudes & challenge gender-based stereotypes!

Heres some inspiration from UN Women Moldova: unwo.men/Vzt350uCMAk

Hootsuite Inc. : How many of us saw our dads enough growing up? How many of you dads see your kids enough now?

We need to help each other if we are going to grow.

- Goodwill Ambassador Anne Hathaway. #FathersDay unwo.men/y71450uCMBu

Hootsuite Inc. : Heres to feminist dads who teach their sons about equality & respect, empower their daughters to defy stereotypes, and support gender equality! #FathersDay

Hootsuite Inc. : Some inspiration from Yalitza Aparicio Martínez on International Domestic Workers’ Day.

She is the 1st indigenous woman to get a Best Actress #OscarNoms for the film ROMA, where her role as a domestic worker reflects womens experiences that often go unseen and untold.

Hootsuite Inc. : Its Intl Day for #FamilyRemittances!

Today we celebrate the great contribution of the 125 million migrant women who, through their remittances, help achieve the #GlobalGoals. Will you join us?

Hootsuite Inc. : Happy #DayoftheAfricanChild!
Meet girls who will lead the way in the future with their newfound confidence and coding skills: unwo.men/EWVo50uDx1L

Hootsuite Inc. : Its #FathersDay in many countries! Lets celebrate dads by making sure they have paid time off with their children. #FamiliesOfToday

Hootsuite Inc. : On Int'l Domestic Workers’ Day, meet Jax.

She was an exploited domestic worker.
She was fired without a reason.
She was ignored when she asked for salary, benefits, overtime & compensation.

She is fighting back for social protection. #Fund4GE unwo.men/nrS350uEjKi

Hootsuite Inc. : Time for the United Nations to lead by example! Our Goodwill Ambassador Anne Hathaway calls for better paid parental leave policies & child care services. #FathersDay

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Hootsuite Inc. : Support parents to support their children.

This #FathersDay, we join UNICEF in calling for a minimum of 6 months paid parental leave for both mothers AND fathers.

Join us → uni.cf/ItsAboutTime #EarlyMomentsMatter

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Hootsuite Inc. : This #FathersDay, check out 7 tips for raising feminist kids, because gender equality begins with #FamiliesOfToday, who are at the frontlines of change: unwo.men/XJYQ50uCMuZ

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Hootsuite Inc. : Womens journeys are distinct and full of stories of triumphs and challenges.

Its time we believe women!

Hootsuite Inc. : Through sport, girls find power in solidarity & confidence to pursue their dreams. Hear it from Joyce who took part in One Win Leads to Another, our joint programme w/ IOC MEDIA. #WomenInSport

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iPhone : Need some inspiration to #BeatPlasticPollution & #SaveOurOcean? Get on board with this all-women group of scientists who are sailing around the world. ⛵️🌊 NowThis

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