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Twitter Web App : I truly hope Donald Trump shuts the fuck up about Rep. Elijah Cummings passing.

I don’t want to hear his condescending thoughts and prayrrs about a great man.

Fuck Trump.

Twitter Web App : NEW DETAIL per three sources: Trump said several times in mtg he wasn't concerned about terrorists 7,000 miles away. After Pelosi & Hoyer left, Rep. Liz Cheney spoke up to remind Trump that the terrorists responsible for 9/11 "came from 7,000 miles away" themselves.…

Twitter Web App : This Schiff stuff is especially egregious gaslighting because there’s video of the hearing and what Trump says happened simply didn’t…

Twitter Web App : tfw you accidentally post a draft tweet from 3 years ago…

Twitter Web App : Has Trump played into Moscows hands in Syria? Russian papers today: “Trumps mistake is an unexpected lottery win for Russia
Trumps reckless actions strengthened Moscow’s position in Middle East
“The oversized giant, America, lost its way in broad daylight

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Twitter Web App : Kurdish commanders who worked with US troops are growing increasingly angry, frustrated, sad, as they watch US troops leaving...AND WORSE, listen to Trump being utterly dismissive as Kurds are being killed and driven from their homes by the thousands.

Twitter Web App : Remember not to throw away your pumpkins this year, if you dont make a curry/soup or you have left overs be sure leave them out for the wildlife to enjoy. ☺️
#Vegan #Halloween

Twitter Web App : Molly Jong-Fast “... get back to this democracy that we want and that we should be passing on to our children. As a country, we are so much better than this... When we're dancing with the angels, the question will be asked: In 2019, what did we do to make sure we kept our democracy intact?"

Twitter Web App : Trump's frustration with the Democratic impeachment probe is boiling over, with investigators set to peel back yet another layer of what is being revealed as a broad, and possibly unlawful, behind-the-scenes scheme to pressure Ukraine for political gain.…

Twitter Web App : 3/ The reason Trump's rhetorical defense to what's going on is that Democrats have already tried several methods to take him down and failed in each is because he *knows* in fact it's all one scandal, and he has been rushing headlong toward impeachment for years—by his own doing.

Twitter Web App : 2/ I've no idea whether this scope will be appreciated by America by Christmas, as Congress is rushing toward impeachment and a Senate trial largely to avoid any overlap with 2020 voting, but at the latest within a few years America will understand how these scandals were linked.

Twitter Web App : 1/ The scope of the Trump-Ukraine scandal will come to astonish America. It is going to dovetail with the entirety of the Mueller Report, the entirety of the FBI counterintelligence investigation, and the entirety of the investigation into the Trump transition and inaugural fund.

Twitter Web App : The GOP probed the Benghazi incident for *years* under the theory that the Obama administration insufficiently considered the safety of US personnel in a Middle East hotspot.

How many years will they spend probing Trump giving *no* thought to the safety of US soldiers in Syria?

Twitter Web App : The Election Assistance Commission committee “was told that 93% of the [public] comments supported ‘Data Protection (ban wireless); require HAND-MARKED paper ballots.’”

The EAC is poised to include neither requirement in its new voting-system guidelines.…

Twitter Web App : "Bannon calls it the deconstruction of the administrative state like it's this liberating phenomenon. That's not at all what this is about. This is about the consolidation of corruption." -- GaslitNation…

Twitter Web App : Liz Throop Jennifer Cohn Brennan Center And not only are the voting machines (BMDs) vulnerability to hacking, they’re a great tool of #VoterSuppression because (unlike #HandMarkedPaperBallots) they *slow down* voting, disenfranchising by long lines, malfunctions...

Twitter Web App : There it is in print: Rudy Giuliani worked with an "upper echelon Russian organized crime associate" (DOJ's term) to fabricate dirt on the Bidens and to spin Paul Manafort's crimes as election interference (by Ukraine).…

Twitter Web App : Rest In Peace. Always a noble warrior for justice and truth. The gates surly stand open for this one.

Rep. Elijah Cummings dies at 68…

Twitter Web App : My heart is saddened at the loss of a colleague and friend. Elijah cared deeply about public service and the importance of “representing your people”. Rest In Peace good and faithful servant.…