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Twitter Media Studio : Awww! The Memphis Zoo has welcomed two baby jaguar cubs. ⁠

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SocialNewsDesk : "Americans should know where their elected representatives stand on launching an inquiry. This isn't an impeachment vote. And it isn't a mystery whether it would pass," writes USA TODAY's Editorial Board for USA TODAY Opinion.

SocialNewsDesk : The drummer for country music star Kane Brown was killed in a car accident. He was 27.…

SocialNewsDesk : Did you miss Lifetime's take on the college admissions scandal? Good news: It's showing again tonight.

SocialNewsDesk : Better think twice before you whip out your wallet.

Twitter Media Studio : Whos a good Dawg?

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SocialNewsDesk : Is there anything as satisfying as a fresh-from-the-oven Bavarian pretzel?

SocialNewsDesk : This Sunday, Amazon has impressive deals on fun and useful things you'll love.

SocialNewsDesk : Whether you get a long weekend or not, there's one thing everyone can enjoy—sales.

SocialNewsDesk : From a robot vacuum to a smart pet feeder, your day to day routine is about to get a lot easier.

Twitter Media Studio : Just leaf it alone. 🍂

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SocialNewsDesk : Police issued an Amber Alert late Saturday after someone in a dark SUV grabbed Kamille McKinney while she was outside with friends about 8:30 p.m. and drove away.

SocialNewsDesk : The power is back on for more than 2 million Northern Californians.

SocialNewsDesk : The company said no injuries were reported and that it was working with each guest "regarding impacts to their visit with us."

SocialNewsDesk : Anchor Shepard Smith, a critic of President Trump, surprised viewers when he announced Friday he's leaving Fox News. Here's what happens to his show.

SocialNewsDesk : Among the reported deaths were those whose homes were buried in landslides. Other fatalities included people who got swept away by raging rivers.

SocialNewsDesk : The idea that checking your own credit reports hurts your credit score is a common misconception. It won't damage your score at all, so don't let that scare you off.

SocialNewsDesk : "Pure love is real, it existed through us," Julianne Hough wrote in a caption alongside several photos and videos of Lexi and Harley, two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels that died.

Twitter Media Studio : Despite her initial reaction, this sailors mom was really happy to see him. 😂

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