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Hootsuite Inc. : .Heather Nauert: U.S. government strongly condemns & is appalled by today’s suicide attack at an education center in #Kabul. The U.S. continues to stand with the govt & people of #Afghanistan & will continue to support their efforts to achieve peace & security in their country.

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Hootsuite Inc. : The United States strongly condemns the attack today at an educational center in #Kabul in which many innocent young Afghans were killed. There is no justification for such a cowardly act. #Afghanistan

Hootsuite Inc. : Want to learn about the U.S college & university admission process? Join us for an #EducationUSA Facebook Live on Thursday, August 16 at 6:30 pm Kabul time! goo.gl/2eRf16 #studyintheusa #intlstudents #usstudy

Hootsuite Inc. : More sweet treats like pomegranates, apples & cherries will be traded between Afghanistan & India thanks to partnerships fostered by USAID & Roots of Peace. ~$68 mill of deals were signed at July #trade event! usaid.gov/afghanistan/ne… #USAIDTransforms USAID Afghanistan USAID India

Hootsuite Inc. : #SaturdayEnglish Did you know that flip-flop is a common expression in American English that doesn’t always refer to shoes? Find out more here: ow.ly/6RLE30lhlat

Hootsuite Inc. : Most people know that the Statue of Liberty is in New York. Did you know that Liberty Island, while part of New York, is actually surrounded by the waters of the state of New Jersey? #USFunFact

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iPhone : We strongly condemn the depraved #attack on a mosque today in #Gardez #Paktia targeting worshipers. We stand with all #Afghans who seek to live in harmony. #AFG

Hootsuite Inc. : The United States strongly condemns yesterday’s vicious attack in Jalalabad on the provincial Refugee Department. ow.ly/PN9i30ldxz9

Hootsuite Inc. : What is #humantrafficking? It’s also known as modern slavery. #EndTrafficking Department of State DOS TIP Office

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Hootsuite Inc. : #SaturdayEnglish: Want to talk like an American? You can learn a few sports phrases that Americans use in everyday life! ow.ly/T5H930l7Uq5

Hootsuite Inc. : Pleased to be able to meet with members of the Enlightenment Movement today to discuss minority rights in #Afghanistan. All countries are stronger when the voices of all citizens are heard.

Hootsuite Inc. : Basketball was created in Massachusetts and is one of the most iconic #AmericanSports. Teams of 5 face off and try to get the ball into the opposing team’s hoop elevated ten feet in the air. Find out more about bball and the March Madness tournament here: ow.ly/Sl3g30l4rxI

Hootsuite Inc. : Snowboarding began in the US in the 1960s as a cross between skiing and surfing. It is an #AmericanSport that has grown to international fame and is part of the Winter Olympic Games. How do you think snowboarders would do on the snowy peaks of Afghanistan’s many mountain ranges?

Hootsuite Inc. : Interested in jobs at the U.S. Embassy? Check this website for job advertisements, updated frequently with new positions: ow.ly/PQDO30l09Au

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