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Android : Saraki and Dogara didn't allow Buhari to succeed. So Buhari's herdsmen claimed. Saraki and Dogara aren't there now; but Buhari has gone into hiding in za oza room. Lawan and Gbaja can't summon NASS to roll out emergency legislation.

Useless leaders from the useless party- APC!

Android : I'm sorry, is this supposed to be incriminating? He asked to help, he already mentioned it himself that he reached out to the govt and wasn't given the audience because our leaders prefer crisis. PS: EVERYTHING he predicted has happened.

Android : You folks shamelessly have no defense. Investigative journalism my foot.

Android : People are dying and this is what you've got to say? Disgusting! You should be ashamed of yourself.

Android : Descriptive Distinguished. This only applies to the unreasonable cult who believes they did right and Nigeria is on the right track. We are not. It was a blunder and a lot of people would have been alive today if not for such a blunder. The truth is what it is. Face it.

Android : You can have opinions about Donald Trump and other world leaders and their citizens but Buhari and Nigerians are untouchable? When your brain calms alil you can delete this load of crap. 丹賤儭

Android : This is what many want to express, but cannot, because a dictator, surrounded by political demagogue, is in power. Just for the records, he wasn't voted in, he was rigged in. Thank you for this show of courage.

Android : Top 3 leaders:

1- Imran Khan. Professional beggar, terror-sympathizer, thinks Japan and Germany are neighbours.

2- Muhammadu Buhari, dumbest person in Nigeria. Scared of terrorists, promises to fight the COVIKK virus.

3- Tamim of Qatar: Thinks hes sexy. Answers only to mummy.

Android : I love Nigeria. I have one Nigerian friend and shes amazing. One of the most successful and honest people I know. I also welcome my new Nigerian followers on Twitter.

You have a beautiful country but it would be more beautiful without the terrorism enabled by Dictator Buhari.