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iPhone : “If you want our sister pay up mister”, fam i will spartan kick your whole village, get the fuck out of my way and let me see my mrs

iPhone : Someone once said to me that during the partition of Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, ‘Bangladesh must have gotten the shit land because I never see any nice pictures.’ Well I beg to differ because Bangladesh is just as stunning 😌 (A thread on some of the pictures I’ve taken)

iPhone : Brooo when does the summer weather begin???? It was doing bits when we had exams and now it wants to be trash!?? No sense

iPhone : 55% for an A but still the lowest pass rate in history🤣🤣 we are all fucked…

iPhone : Tommorow we will find out who tf lied saying they flopped😡 bridges are being burned #alevelresults2019