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iPhone : ‘Wernehr Von Braun was recruited by the Hitler regime to be in charge of rocket development...he became central to building the Staturn V rocket!’

Space Historian John Logsdon discusses secrets of the US-Soviet space race on #MoonLanding50



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iPhone : ‘NATO has been convenient for us and others in the West to continue the animosity toward Russia🇷🇺, to make sure that we have an enemy to defeat to make more money selling WEAPONS’

-Ron Paul argues for NATO’s dissolution!



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iPhone : -Hoped and changed 2 Wars into 7

-Yes We Can’d 10x more drone strikes than Bush

-Yes We Can’d 26,000+ bombs in 2016

-Yes We Can’d fracking across the globe, destroying environments

-Extended the Bush tax cuts which accounted for 50% of public debt from 2001-2010 twitter.com/AccuracyInMedi…

Twitter Web App : We’ve been fighting that [Iran🇮🇷] war ever since and then there’s this Sunni-Shia war and so we lined up with the Sunnis...we DONT need to be involved in that!

-Former Congressmen Ron Paul slams a potential war with Iran!



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Twitter Web App : $32 million an hour on war since 2001
$6 trillion on wars since 9/11
$750bn now being spent on the military every year

There's money for killing millions but no money for:

-Universal Healthcare
-Free College
-Green New Deal
-Fixing D+ infrastructure

'The American Dream' 🙃

Twitter Web App : Remember when the immigration rhetoric was supposedly against 'only illegal immigrants'?

Now the focus is legal immigrants, US congresswomen and 'sending them back' to their countries of origin.

Yet neoliberal Democrats still believe in a middle ground and working with GOP? 🙃

iPhone : *Says Senator of country that

-Hoped and changed 2 wars into 7

-Bombed 31 countries since 1945

-Overthrown 36 governments since 1945

-Dropped 121 bombs a day under Trump in 2018* twitter.com/marcorubio/sta…

Twitter Web App : We’ve known we wouldn’t have a replacement spacecraft really since 2004...it’s been an EMBARRASSING almost a decade but it’s close to an end

-Space Race historian John Logsdon on the US having to use Russias🇷🇺 Soyuz rockets for manned space flights


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Twitter Web App : GOP+MSM+Neoliberal Dems: "Medicare 4 All can never work!"

Except in:

South Korea🇰🇷

Twitter Web App : If it is true that the US shot down an Iranian drone in the Strait of Hormuz...

Look at a map and see how close the Strait is to Iran🇮🇷 vs how close the Strait of Hormuz is to the United States🇺🇸...

And the US paints Iran as the aggressor?🙃

Twitter Web App : What got Julian Assange & Chelsea Manning into trouble was the Collateral Murder video. It showed the HOMICIDAL nature of US colonial wars & the 360° view of just KILL THEM ALL!🔥

-Legendary Journalist John Pilger on @Wikileaks #Assange

FULL: youtube.com/watch?v=siHgvx…

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iPhone : GOOD IDEA!

While most mainstream media bury or distort the truth about my son journalist Julian Assange

Journalist @AfshinRattansi on Going Underground on RT regularly goes underground to dig up the facts on his brutal political persecution & expose it!

#NoUSExtradition twitter.com/Underground_RT…

iPhone : Obamacare left 30 million without health insurance and millions underinsured

50+% of Americans have delayed/avoided health treatment due to cost

Maybe Joe should wear a Blue Cross Shield badge since he attended a fundraiser held by them hours after announcing his candidacy 🙃 twitter.com/joebiden/statu…

Twitter Web App : JUST IN:

Pentagon sends 500 more troops to Saudi Arabia🇸🇦 since ratcheting up tension with Iran🇮🇷 is a bigger priority than rehousing 550,000+ homeless Americans twitter.com/thehill/status…

Twitter Web App : “The US is admitting their goal it’s goals with sanctions are to STARVE millions of Venezuelans! The CLAP program feeds 6+ million and now the US wants to apply sanctions on this!” ⚠️

- Max Blumenthal on the US sanctions on Venezuela🇻🇪

Full Interview: youtu.be/dc9bVdoLLow

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Twitter Web App : We pledge ourselves to liberate all our people from the continuing bondage of poverty, deprivation, suffering, gender and other discrimination

“We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians”

Happy #NelsonMandelaDay✊

Twitter Web App : Crowd chants Send her back as Donald Trump comments on Ilhan Omar

This is the nation that lectures the world on liberal democracy and humanitarianism🙃

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Twitter Web App : 72% want to expand social security
70% want Medicare For All
65% want a jobs guarantee
64% want to legalise marijuana
60% want tuition free colleges
58% want a $15 minimum wage
57% want to break up big banks

Americans seem to be more "radical left" than the media+GOP think🙃