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Twitter Web App : This is a chat rather than an interview. Highly enjoyable as these two obviously (co-authors, hello!) know each other well. Another adventure in "how doctors think."

Some human bean type should crowdsource a Patients' Pet Peeves list. (Not the army; you can't volunteer me.)


Twitter Web App : 5. You don't need to prove you are living a good life. No need to post pictures of your vacation, dinners, holidays, whatever.

Twitter Web App : 4. Your name may come up while you are not using it, you may not get a word in. Live with it.

Twitter Web App : 3. You don't need to announce when you are taking a break, or returning to the platform. You will use it when you use it, and anyone who doesn't like that can go to hell.

Twitter Web App : Let me start with some tips:
1. You don't have to have the last word. In fact, it is much better when you give that up entirely

Twitter Web App : "Why I quit Twitter" articles are tiresome, a form of virtue signaling, and not an act of self control

Consider writing,
"How I was able to use Twitter in moderation"

Twitter Web App : Jeffrey Flier Vinay Prasad My experience with NIH study-sections led me to run as far from Bethesda as I could: soul-crushing commitment to narrowness, low-risk, formatting minutiae, paperwork, a dizzying circus of emails, reviewer pompousness. Maybe better in life-sciences, but ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ

Twitter Web App : Jeffrey Flier Run this trial...
Take 50 mil, break into 25 mil x 2, half spent on status quo, other half on modified lotteryโ€ฆ
add arms as desired

Measure metrics of publication/ translation, satisfaction, overhead costs, etc.