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iPhone : Aaron Goodman 1. Explaining in detail is not dunking (listen to the podcast for dunking egs)
2. This is not a soft target (cupping). But a congressional bill that changes standards of approval. It is as important as it gets. But good think we have anonymous docs writing blogs on homeopathy

iPhone : If you read this review you can see that ras inhibitors are already in trouble. When one reads “ they may need to be used in combinations” (toxicity!) you guess the promise is broken. Did nobody read Benezra’s Nature paper: ras loses driver role with onset of genetic instability?…

Android : Some FDA approvals are tumor agnostic; others are disease specific.
Yet, for genome targetted Rx, docs will (inevitably) use them agnostically.
What does that mean for data generation? Promotion? Cost? Safety? Efficacy? Esp if approved use is marginal…

iPhone : Read it and weep.

Vinay Prasad 2.0 : Allow me to suggest to just hand this report out whenever doctors insist they're not influenced by drug reps. Wtf do they think the marketing dollars & meetings are about?…

iPhone : And generate more ‘wins’ (real or false who cares?) aka drugs on market which would in turn generate massively more money. This is certainly a big part of the motivation…

Android : Vinay Prasad 2.0 This point is really important. With my trial metholdogist hat on, I want well-designed, -conducted, and -analysed trials because I think that is best for patient outcomes (in and out of the trial). We are also typically the ones calling out bad, unethical trial practices....

Twitter Web App : 10. Costs. Is this new approach sound in an era of crushing health care spending?

Who really lobbied to put this into the Cures bill? hmmmm

This article does not approach any of the limitations, and reads like a PR piece sponsored by Roche.

Bogdan Enache

Twitter Web App : 9. Justice: Will RWE contemporary control arms just be socioeconomically disadvantaged folks who comprise control arms? Very likely this will be the case. The most passionate, well connected people will be getting the off-label care (i.e. intervention arm).