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Twitter Web Client : There are currently 49.2 million Americans aged 65 or older, and that figure is expected to surge in what some experts have dubbed the “Silver Tsunami.” As ages rise, so does the need for guardianship, and 1.3 million people currently require such services.

#ElderGate #c2cSTAT

Twitter Web Client : 4/20/18: Pelosi Reveals Classified Details on North Korea Visits Discussing ‘#Missile Technology’:

Pelosi just revealed STATE SECRETS, Classified information that the House Intelligence Committee has traveled inside of NK on TV.…

Twitter Web Client : 4/21/18: BREAKING: Multiple explosions reported at churches in Sri Lanka:

5 serial blasts rocked Sri Lanka early on Sunday morning. The explosions hit 3 churches and a luxury hotel in Colombo.

#c2cCHURCH #c2cTER #c2cSRI #c2cHOTEL…

Twitter Web Client : - 8/24/14: Long Beach Police Department - HUMAN SEX TRAFFICKING TASK FORCE OPERATION PDF:

#Humansextrafficking is the second largest international crime industry & reportedly generates profits of nearly $32 billion dollars/year…

Twitter Web Client : The Obama administration resettled 8,858 Somali refugees in the United States last year, and nearly 43,000 during Obama's eight years, a huge number that is now raising concerns after a Somali refugee led a one-man attack spree on the campus of Ohio State

Twitter Web Client : 11/28/19: 99% Muslim, 43,000 Somali refugees settled in US under Obama:

#c2cBO #c2cIMM #c2cMI #c2cIO #c2cCAIR #c2cTER #c2cSORO #c2cPAC #c2cNGO…

Twitter Web Client : 5/6/13: Human Trafficking in Shipping Containers:

No matter what type of #humantrafficking, this is a huge issue for the #shipping industry.

Research query: "human trafficking shipping containers"


Twitter Web Client : Google is continuing work on a search engine in China, according to an investigation by the tech giant’s employees, putting the controversial project back into the spotlight after it was abandoned following condemnation from lawmakers in both parties.…

Twitter for iPad : 21st century Paris people's rebellion against the elite policy makers and their enforcers: #yellowvest movement will be met with 89,000 police to be deployed against thier nations people's 12/8/18 #c2cParis #c2cstorm @c2c_research…

Twitter for iPad : Freedom of speech & press is protection for the people. More vital now than ever. Plauge of willful abuse of power & corruption at global zenith. We must all unite our voice to fight attack on our freedom & basic inalibale rights before it is to late @c2c_campaign @vptaskforce…