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Bio Exposing Govt’s defence policy giveaway since 2016 done on the excuse we’re leaving but now in proposed deal.
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iPhone : At the going down of the sun and in the morning. We will remember them. #TwoMinuteSilence

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iPhone : Conservatives I would much prefer a decent Defence policy - more submarines and ASW frigates and cancellation of all the under the table spiders web of interlinked agreements for the EU Defence Union. Don’t you know who your true supporters are? Wake up! Veterans for Britain…

iPhone : The black cabs of London waiting on Westminster Bridge to ferry the veterans from Waterloo station to the Cenotaph and back again......for free.
They do this every year, but it never seems to be mentioned in the press.
Good on you cabbies.

iPhone : Who will you be remembering?

RAF personnel around the country will be reflecting together about the many people through history who have fallen in the two World Wars and many conflicts since then.

#RemembranceDay #LestWeForget

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iPhone : Another remarkable evening at the @poppylegion #FestivalofRemembrance ends with poppies floating down on to the heads of Service personnel. For Your Tomorrow We Gave Our Today. Lest We Forget.

iPhone : 850 members of HMS Queen Elizabeth Ship’s Company and embarked squadrons have staged a spectacular display to mark #RemembranceSunday.
Spelling out ‘Lest We Forget’ on the 4 acre flight deck it includes a poppy formed around UK F-35B Lightning jets.


iPhone : NHS cancer specialist says Labour’s four-day week ’would be terminal for the NHS we all love’. 👇
This is by our chairman Professor Angus Dalgleish, an internationally-renowned doctor and scientist.
Please RETWEET.…

iPhone : IMPORTANT New Video: We CANNOT LEAVE the EU in 2020 with Boris Deal

Barrister Ben Wrench explains why we cannot expect to Leave in 2020. Its almost certainly 3 years or more - possibly considerably more.

This clip is crucial to understanding the trap presented by this deal

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iPhone : #Brexit factsheet 11: "Workers’ rights come from the UK, not the EU"

The EU doesn’t even have minimum wage legislation. Your one-pager #Brexit summary is here:…

iPhone : The advice Parliament has received on the EU’s new defence powers has been appalling, inadequate and misleading.
The very first sentence in this preamble is pure invention.
Even the EU admits it had been preparing for years for its recent expansion of military powers.

iPhone : The EU is on a pro-Putin stance, letting him claim MORE of Europe’s energy market, despite US and UK outrage.
Germany has pushed his NordStream2 pipeline just like it leads EU Defence Union, another pro-Putin/anti-NATO project.
Danish consent last week.👇…

iPhone : Incredible that the EU is letting Putin take over MORE of Europe’s energy market, in spite of US/UK opposition.
Just like EU Defence (also pro-Putin), Nordstream2 is led by Germany which placated France with a political trade-off.
Now Denmark has buckled.…

iPhone : Today is the 75th anniversary of the end of the Battle of the Scheldt. UK and Canadian Army forces had been battling for over a month to capture ground around the port of Antwerp. The battle, much of it involving amphibious warfare, cost the Allies around 12,900 casualties.