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Bio My political views are left of center. Prone to periodic political rants #LabelGMOs #ShutDownTaiji #FeelTheBern2020 #TeamMaks IG @Virginiaincal2
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iPhone : "If Teddy Roosevelt were alive today, you know what he would say to these behemoth agribusiness companies: He would say, break them up. And, working together, that is exactly what we are going to do," Bernie Sanders


#DemocraticDebate ⬇️berniesanders.com/issues/revital…

iPhone : Let's be clear: Bernie Sanders gets it done.
☑️Amendment King who passed more amendments on the floor of the House than any other Member of Congress from '95-'05
☑️Massive Community Health Center and National Health Service Corps Expansion
☑️Energy efficiency block grant program

iPhone : How did we make it through a 3-hour #DemDebate that included a question about “Who is your friend?” but not “How are you saving our planet?”

#ClimateCrisis #ClimateActionNow

iPhone : Wow! BERNIE’S BACK! Fighting the fight for working people for three long hours — just two weeks after a heart attack! Jeez. Amazing!

iPhone : Never underestimate Bernie Sanders

Never underestimate the labor movement

Never underestimate the climate justice movement

Never underestimate the civil rights movement

Never underestimate the power of the people to take on the greed and the corruption of the top 1%

#NotMeUs twitter.com/BernieSanders/…

iPhone : Bernie: Im healthy, Im feeling great

Crowd: *cheers*

#DemDebate #DebateWithBernie

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iPhone : Bernie tells the DAMNED truth. That's important to us. We're not looking for dramatic actors, we're looking for a human that will do what is best for us as a whole, one who has the insight to create these policies, one who has the courage to follow through. #DebateWithBernie pic.twitter.com/vrBgCgE9QZ

iPhone : Chili, cornbread, & toppings bar a YUGE hit! We stopped counting at 50 folks (will check sign in sheet later) for our #DebateWithBernie!
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