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Nina #EnoughIsEnough🆘🍑

Bio If this lying lawless soulless illegitimate President is not subject to Impeachment, nobody is~@robreiner #ImpeachmentInquiryNow

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Twitter Web App : Prosecutors are used to dealing with contradictory statements. Mulvaney speaks candidly ... later, we have this carefully crafted effort to walk it back. Its pretty clear what statement has the ring of truth to it.

Joyce Alene on Mulvaney walking back a quid pro quo

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Twitter Web App : “A Turkish official briefed by participants in the talks said the Turkish side was surprised and relieved at how easy the negotiations were. ‘We got everything we wanted,’ said the official.”…

Twitter Web App : This is an obscene and ignorant statement. 200k innocent people displaced. Hundreds dead. Credible reports of war crimes. ISIS prisoners escaping. US evacuating and bombing its own positions or handing them to Russia. Two kids in a lot?…

Twitter Web App : Heres a new ad from Republicans for the Rule of Law, responding to Trumps putting the G7 at the (sadly bedbug-infested) #Doral in order to enrich himself. The ad will run digitally this weekend and air on Fox and Friends Monday.

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Twitter Web App : “The passing of Chairman Cummings is a devastating shock to us all. After much deliberation we have decided to go forward with today's deposition with Ambassador Sondland, because that's what the Chairman would want,” an official working on the impeachment inquiry tells Manu Raju.

Twitter Web App : I have been thinking, the fact the president thinks this photo is a negative for the Speaker really shows how sexist he is and how sexist he must feel his supporters are - that the picture of a strong woman is somehow a problem for her. Wow.…

Twitter Web App : ‘I only have a minute,
60 seconds in it,
forced upon me,
I did not choose it,
but I know that I must use it,
give account if I abuse it,
suffer if I lose it.
Only a tiny little minute,
but eternity is in it.’
— Rep. Elijah Cummings’ first floor speech is all too resonant today

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Twitter Web App : An amazing, honest, kind and honorable man. A champion of civil rights who always did the right thing for the people of his country.

In this clip that I love so much, he talks about his father telling him that he would fly one day, and he did. He flew high.

RIP Elijah E. Cummings

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Twitter Web App : Dear America,

These demonstrations are happening in Haiti, demanding the president’s resignation. Does this give you any ideas?

CHT 🇨🇦

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Elijah Cummings, esteemed longtime Baltimore Congressman,
passed away early Thursday at Johns Hopkins Hospital
from "complications concerning longstanding health challenges"
his office said.
🙌🏿May his memory be a blessing✨

Twitter Web App : stand up and walk out on him - like Nancy did - like the reporters - when he lies during pressers and copter chats - scream THATS A LIE PRESIDENT TRUMP - come on - we can do so much better - force him out - abandon him like he did the Kurds - walk away - walk out - #ghostTRUMP…

Twitter Web App : “I never saw anyone in that room do what Nancy Pelosi did today when she literally stood up to the president... And because Donald Trump has the weakest mind in the history of the American presidency, he RELEASED the photo of that moment.”

ALL of this.

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Twitter Web App : Bobby Sands Preet Bharara George Conway For one thing, focusing on Trump's mental state instead of his crimes means a lot of information will never be made public. Don't you think it's odd that a lawyer is pretending to be a psychiatrist instead of advocating throwing the book at Trump and his cohorts for their crimes?

Twitter Web App : Preet Bharara Stop helping George try to make the 25th happen. He just wants to get Pence in and not have him need to pardon Trump, and to let everyone else skate. We need impeachment, removal, prosecution and imprisonment. George has an agenda, Preet.

Twitter Web App : Deza Alert 🚨 Donald J. Trump Oh... and, in addition to the rebuke by Congress, Speaker Pelosi appears to have directly confronted the asshole about his loyalty to Vlad. Bravo, my queen! 💥…

Twitter Web App : Deza Alert 🚨 Donald J. Trump #DezaAlert🚨

Trump Lie: Nancy had a “meltdown.“

In Reality: Congress rebuked Trump!

Even Republicans voted 2-to-1 for a resolution opposing his #Syria policy. So he flipped out, verbally assaulting a woman because he is trash.


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Twitter Web App : Trump is such a potent reminder that wealth does not equal worth and money can’t buy competence or class.