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Bio The Womens Equality Party is a collaborative new force in British politics. #WeAreWE Because equality is better for everyone.
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iPhone : “Our general election candidates have courageously told their stories. They have held the political establishment to account for closing ranks to protect powerful men. Since we started campaigning 4 out of the 5 MPs were targeted have announced that they will not now be standing.

iPhone : .Mandu Reid speaking at Reclaim the Night. “We will rebel and against the inequality and injustice that causes male violence against women and girls and allows it to thrive.

Inequality, injustice, violence… none of these things are inevitable.”

Twitter Web App : The courage and determination of the women pushing for #TrumpImpeachment in spite of power he wields and the personal threats to them is inspiring. WE are with you sisters ✊

Twitter Web App : #BorisJohnson's refusal to acknowledge or apologise for his racism, homophobia & misogyny during the #BBCQTDebate is a disturbing sign of the Conservatives lurch to the far-right to stir up divisions and claw back power. Join the resistance #JoinWE

Twitter Web App : WE join We Cant Consent To This calls to stop the 'sex game gone wrong' defence. Strangling a woman to death is brutal & intentional, there is no sexual pleasure in being murdered. WE call for the media to challenge this narrative instead of reinforcing it.

Twitter Web App : Get creative with the placards and join us in London to Reclaim the Night, tomorrow Saturday 23rd November. Assemble 6pm, Hanover Sq. W1. Whose streets? Our streets! #RTN2019 #ReclaimtheNightLondon #feminist #feminism #TimesUp

Twitter Web App : WE'll be out reclaiming the night tonight with Mandu Reid, if you're in London come and join us - 'POWER TO THE WOMEN!'🎶 twitter.com/RtnLondon/stat…

Twitter Web App : ‘Power is only useful if it’s used for the greater good. If you get power for powers sake, you might make yourself wealthy, but if you use power to make real changes to the furthest in our communities, that’s something quite wonderful
👏🏼 Tabitha Morton 🔻 graziadaily.co.uk/life/real-life…

Twitter Web App : "You can’t allow a situation where irrelevant information about a victim is used to somehow deflect blame from a perpetrator. You can’t allow that. [...] There are guidelines that already exist. What we need is for those guidelines to be enforced." - Mandu Reid on Grace Millane

Twitter Web App : "We have a situation where its common practice now for defence teams to go after the ‘sex games gone wrong’ defence and the pattern is actually resulting in justice for women being improperly served in many, many cases."
Mandu Reid on Grace Millane
We Cant Consent To This

Twitter Web App : “It is a deeply distressing case because its such a profound example of victim blaming. It demonstrates the ways in which women, who are more often than not the victims of this kind of crime are somehow presented as being culpable.” - Mandu Reid discussing Grace Millane BBC Radio 5 Live

Twitter Web App : "The Women’s Building will be the best way to honour [Holloway prison] site while looking at the future...this goes beyond a ward issue, or even an Islington issue. This site is important for our history [as women].
- Guilene Marco, future Councillor