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Bio Working with the world’s most influential businesses to take bold action on climate & call for ambitious policy. How are you building a #BetterFutureFaster?
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Hootsuite Inc. : This is without a doubt the most urgent and defining challenge of our time. Read why the work of the Marrakech Partnership is vital beyond 2020: wemeanbusinesscoalition.org/blog/why-the-w… #COP25 COP25

Twitter Ads : #ScienceBasedTargets allow companies to set emissions goals aligned with the Paris Agreement. In their new report ScienceBasedTargets are tracking the progress of the companies committed to leading on climate action. Find out more: bit.ly/2Ye1Ocw #COP25

Hootsuite Inc. : A new analysis by the ECIU, a London-based think-tank, shows that just over $34 trillion, about 40% of the world’s annual GDP, derives from nations, regions and cities with an actual or intended net zero target eciu.net/news-and-event…

Hootsuite Inc. : Businesses around the world stand behind the science and are ready to back governments to push for greater climate action and more ambitious climate policies. The work of the Marrakech Partnership is vital beyond 2020: wemeanbusinesscoalition.org/blog/why-the-w… #COP25 COP25

Twitter Ads : We need business and policy makers to pick up the pace, time after time
It isn’t easy, but our survival is at stake
We can reach a #netzero carbon economy by 2050
But only if we move to a #BetterFutureFaster than ever before: betterfuturefaster.org/economy #COP25

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Hootsuite Inc. : The EU must show leadership this week. Adopting its #netzero 2050 target, and raising ambitions for its 2030 target from the current 40% to at least 55%. Time is of the essence if Europe is to keep the momentum. Ørsted #OurOnlyFuture #COP25 #GAC wemeanbusinesscoalition.org/blog/the-world…

Hootsuite Inc. : A meaningful price on carbon will help to ensure that the burden of dealing with the effects of climate change, lies with those who can change the system and make the biggest impact on reducing emissions: the private sector. DSM Company #COP25 #OurOnlyFuture wemeanbusinesscoalition.org/blog/carbon-pr…

Hootsuite Inc. : "Over the past decade, Ørsted has changed completely, from a coal-intensive utility with oil+gas production as core business, to one of the world's largest green energy companies. By 2023, we'll have phased out coal completely" #COP25 #OurOnlyFuture #GAC wemeanbusinesscoalition.org/blog/the-world…

Hootsuite Inc. : By increasing the proportion #RenewableEnergy sourced by just 20 percentage points suppliers can cut a gigaton of emissions – that’s the equivalent of 3% of all global emissions in 2018. Find out more in CDP’s latest report bit.ly/2sRYI2g #CDPSupplyChain

Hootsuite Inc. : With #COP25 underway, we cannot lose collaborative spirit that built the #ParisAgreement. CEOs, of 75 companies and the AFL-CIO ✊🏽 are recognizing this—and calling on their federal leadership to join

iPhone : The breadth of the #EuropeanGreenDeal indicates exactly how seriously the transition to a #netzero economy is now being taken by the European Commission. #CLGEuropes Martin Porter reacts to the Green Deal.
Read more ➝ bit.ly/2RHyidM #AimForZero #EUCO

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Twitter Ads : All new buildings can operate at #netzero from 2030.

100% of existing buildings by 2050.

AND #embodiedcarbon can be reduced to net-zero by 2050.

Building a #BetterFutureFaster betterfuturefaster.org/environment

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Twitter Ads : The Climate Ambition Alliance is accelerating the transformation needed to meet the goals of the #ParisAgreement. 73 countries, 14 regions, 401 cities, 786 businesses, and 16 investors are taking #ClimateAction to reach carbon neutrality by 2050.


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Twitter Ads : .Harry Verhaar of Signify, #COP25, outlines their asks for policymakers in 2020:
+ Fix your ambition level

+ Commit globally to #netzero 2050

+ Deliver integrated policy (EVs, renewables, digital etc)

+ Walk the talk, with #netzero govt buildings & govt #EV fleets

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Twitter Ads : The private sector has the power to drive the low-carbon transition, and those companies setting ambitious #ScienceBasedTargets are leading the way. Read the latest report from #ScienceTargets to find out more about their progress bit.ly/2Ye1Ocw

Hootsuite Inc. : The latest report from #AmericasPledge offers a new plan for U.S. climate leadership and outlines the incredible benefits of climate action. By following an “All-In” plan to reduce emissions, we can create a better and healthier future for all Americans. bit.ly/34Vaw1K