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Android : Raise your hand if you prefer freedom to Betos America. #DemDebate #DemocraticDebate

Android : Dear NBA players,

Everybody knows that you’ve sold your souls to Nike & China in exchange for money & silence over their atrocities.

You guys are nothing but selfish hypocrites who call trump a dictator while kissing the ass of a real one.

You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Android : Cory Booker wants to create an office of reproductive freedom and reproductive Rights.
He means an office of abortion. Because every woman in America is free to reproduce.

Android : .... It also brings Shifty’s fraudulent MADE UP CALL, which he read to the United States Congress pretending it to be the words of President Trump, which they were not! Nancy Pelosi is involved in this fraud in that she confirmed his fraudulent words on Good Morning America, and much more!

Android : Shifty Adam Schiff wants to rest his entire case on a Whistleblower who he now says can’t testify, & the reason he can’t testify is that he is afraid to do so because his account of the Presidential telephone call is a fraud & totally different from the actual transcribed call...

Android : Almost every Democrat candidate has been in politics their entire careers and are telling us what they plan to accomplish for Americans.

Trump has been in politics for 3 years and has accomplished more for Americans than all of them combined.

A stage of frauds, grifters & cons.

Android : 🔥WOW🔥

This is not a joke —


“Biden, you said if youre president no one in your family will work for foreign companies. If itll be inappropriate when youre president, why was it appropriate when you were VP?”


“Impeach Donald Trump.”

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Android : If Tom Steyer thinks his wealth is shameful, why doesn't he donate his fortune to the IRS? There's a button on the IRS website, nobody's stopping him. #DemDebate

Android : You just saw 2020 Democrats try and criticize President Trump’s manufacturing record.

Here are the facts:
Since President Trump was elected, America has added 509,000 manufacturing jobs.

But under Barack Obama and Joe Biden, America lost 200,000 manufacturing jobs.