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Twitter for iPad : WTF is wrong with Labour leadership candidates they feel the need to hold a leadership debate on Ch4 ? Bet we won’t be discussing the Russian report , UN report on 130,000 uneccesary deaths ,Suitability of UC and increase in suicides of the poor and homeless , But plenty on AS

Twitter for iPad : What the objective facts show
1. Jeremy Corbyn was a leading anti racist campaigner for decades
2. There is ZERO proper evidence he is an antisemite, only vile smears
3. Boris Johnson is a racist & Islamophobe
4. British MSM knew or should have known all this BEFORE the election

Twitter for iPad : It breaks my heart that these lovely women spent their latter years worrying about money when they should have been enjoying the last years of their lives. #50sWomen deserve better. We did our time as workers, many in factories, many typists now crippled
Punished for motherhood. twitter.com/tsmiggy/status…

Twitter for iPad : Rob Fox Akala It doesn't get publicised because it's not a practice they want lauded or replicated. They want the heroes of the working-class, the musicians & the sports stars to be separated by an immutable aloof class.

Twitter for iPad : BBC: "Number Ten doesn't want to be seen to be pandering to every problem" - like they were *before* the GE. twitter.com/fleetstreetfox…

Twitter for iPad : Ash Sarkar Quite right, Ash. IQ tests are just another means of ranking people. The first formal application of them was the 1913 Mental Deficiency Act which classified (scored) patients (in ascending order): Idiots, Imbeciles, Feeble-minded Morons & Moral Defectives. Eugenics-friendly, eh?