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Twitter for iPad : Michael Walker Walshiucs Since the (partial) lockdown wasn't initiated until last Monday- 9 days ago... it means we've got 14 days of "Cheltenham behaviour" in the pipeline. God help us. They just better get our NHS staff protected.

Twitter for iPad : Average time between infection and death from COVID-19 is 23 days. The 563 people who died today were most likely infected on the day Patrick Vallance said this. twitter.com/tnewtondunn/st…

Twitter for iPad : I’ve only just caught up with the daily Downing Street #coronavirus press conference. Again, questions on testing not being answered. Who is in charge of the govt? Anyone? Noone seems to have gripped this and someone needs to. Fast.

Twitter for iPad : We keep being told Nightingale was ‘built’ in 2 weeks. It wasn’t- it was repurposed.
Beds for us to die in put into an existing exhibition centre, is nearer the awful truth. twitter.com/garyfoskett/st…

Twitter for iPad : "He wasn't given personal protective equipment such as a mask at work, and he didn't know if he was infected with coronavirus because he wasn't given a test."

Provide PPE and testing to all NHS and social care staff immediately, or more will die.