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Twitter Web App : Andrew The Gloaming Ooops, sorry, we has so many Shantae questions this weekend we thought the artbook question was about that! There is no River City Girls artbook in the works, but the Limited Run Games version has a ton of art in the manual!

Twitter Web App : The All-Stars Guy Not right now! We're still spotlighting various aspects of some of our more recent releases (like River City Girls and Spidersaurs) though!

Hootsuite Inc. : Shantae made her long-awaited return on this day in 2010 with Shantae: Riskys Revenge for DSiWare. Featuring detailed 2D visuals and dancing, hair-whipping action that built upon its predecessor, this completely new adventure brought Shantae back into the spotlight.

Hootsuite Inc. : So, whos preparing to go trick-or-treating or attend the next convention as Misako or Kyoko from #RiverCityGirls? Use these handy guides to help pin down the details!

Twitter Web App : Ewan Wright Not yet, but if you want an early look and have an Apple device, you can check out the special Part 1 release on Apple Arcade.