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iPhone : Naomi Scott has been the #1 reason I’ve been excited to see the new Aladdin. That girl is all sorts of fine, and all sorts of talented. #princessjasmine #pinkranger

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iPhone : A close friend told me I should tweet more about things I enjoy rather than hate. While I love critiquing and think most of my points are more than valid, I agree that pushing more positively into the world is an admirable goal. So let’s talk about how fucking good Barry is.

iPhone : Pouring one out to this girl tonight. The true sacrifice this show made. #mysha #liberator #iguessgenocidalmanicorsomething

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iPhone : Jaime Lannister may have slain one king, but my dude also created three of them. GREATEST LITERARY CREATION OF OUR TIME, FOLKS.

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iPhone : Seriously though. That shot with where Dany is walking out to give the victory speech and Drogon spreads his wings behind her was breathtaking. I’m honestly surprised it took us that long to see that image.

iPhone : Besides the tragic turn and mishandling of Dany, I’d say that everyone ended up where they needed to end up. Some expectations were met and some subverted. Time was the enemy when it all came down to it. I’m neutral on it all. Ghost got a pet, so all is forgiven.

iPhone : Credits rolled on Days Gone. Just like it’s main character, Deacon St.John, it’s rough around the edges but has a beautiful depth that hooked me. I’ll be thinking about this game for a while.

iPhone : Days Gone is really fucking good and I don’t give a fuck what you think or what you say about it. Unless you agree with me, and then we’re straight. ILL FIGHT YOU, OKAY!

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