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TweetDeck : English Word of the Day: write (verb): to put letters or numbers on a surface, normally paper, especially using a pen or pencil.

English Word of the Day Example: I want you to write your name at the top of the worksheet.

TweetDeck : English Word of the Day: wrinkle (noun): a line or small fold in your skin, especially on your face, that forms as you get older.

English Word of the Day Example: My grandmother has a lot of wrinkles.

Twitter Web Client : Me right now:
I must concentrate... I must concentrate...
Oh look.... there's a hedgehog walking across the lawn.
That reminds me, there is a bar of chocolate in the cupboard calling out to me.
So.... where was I again?

Twitter Web Client : Meanwhile... I'm still fighting with Coordinate Adjectives and Cumulative adjectives. I seriously need to make a chart about the difference, not just for all of you but for myself too. Why am I such a perfectionist?

TweetDeck : English Word of the Day: wring (verb): squeeze and twist something to force liquid from it.

(Past Tense: wrung)
English Word of the Day Example: He wrung the wet cloth out in the sink.

Twitter Web Client : This happened because I am creating a video for an IELTS lesson and discovered I need to create a separate video about Compound Adjectives.
My life:
I start one video and then have to make three more before I can publish the original.
That is how I got sidetracked this afternoon

Twitter Web Client : I though I'd make a quick video about the order of Adjectives before nouns. (Chart is ready)
Then I realized I first need to have a lesson about Coordinate Adjectives vs. Cumulative Adjectives to know when to put commas or not.

TweetDeck : English Word of the Day: wild (adjective): 1. An animal or plant living or growing in the natural environment; not domesticated. 2. (informal) crazy

English Word of the Day Example: We saw some wild condors flying high above us when we visited the Torres del Paine National Park.

TweetDeck : English Word of the Day: wight (noun): a ghost, spirit, or other similar supernatural being.

English Word of the Day Example: The saw a wight slowly drifting towards them from the end of the dark corridor.

Twitter Web Client : Just so you know...
I just uploaded our first YouTube Video for Woodward Games (a hobby for me and the kids)
Yes, that it me (Rob W.) on the couch.
You might see the same couch for upcoming Woodward English videos too.