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Bio Asst Prof of Comm/Student of Writing. I sing & have lots of cats. Alt-acct is @ExtraWrath #NewDarkAges. #PRU #WTP #Resist #VoteForOurLives #Warren2020 โ„๏ธ๐ŸŒˆ๐ŸŒŠ
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Twitter Web App : Honolulu Haoles We only have to deal with her because of him. He is the center of all the chaos and just like with any storm, after the tornado is gone, the cleanup will be massive, expensive, and ongoing.

Twitter Web App : I am so sick of everything and anything "tRump." I can't stand his face, his family or his sycophants. I get physically ill at the sound of his voice. I can't even enjoy political humor anymore because there is absolutely nothing funny about any of this. It's just sad and tragic.

Twitter Web App : Saw these on campus of large univ in my area. I want to point out the univ is very diverse & did NOT condone this. The 1st pic is a promo sign encouraging students to choose majors. The 2nd is another of the same but w/the black student in the middle cut out. This makes us great?

Twitter Web App : Id like to have 1 day here on Twitter where things remain HeWhoShallNotBeNamed-free. I know its only temporary, but lets pretend hes not infecting us 2day. Share your pet pics, non-political memes, jokes/riddles & other fun stuff. Ill start by combining my 2 favorite things: