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TweetDeck : Everyone’s buzzing about the first time they get to go to the pub after this lockdown and I'm just looking forward to going to Greggs

Android : A man getting hammered on a Sunday then walking to the police station during a lockdown is the most Darlo thing I have ever read

Android : If Im ever feeling down, I just watch this video of a pig strutting his stuff to Matthew Wilders Break My Stride and everything is okay in the world again

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TweetDeck : Day 13 of self-isolation: I think I’m starting to understand the language the residents speak in Animal Crossing

Android : Glad that I grew up in an age where the only dances we had to learn were the Macarena and the Cha Cha Slide because kids today have it rough with these TikTok dances

TweetDeck : Imagine working long hours to save lives during this pandemic only to find youve been robbed while youre at work. Seen the best of humanity recently but this is definitely a low point

Android : What are you supposed to do with yourself in the 30 seconds between the takeaway delivery driver pulling up outside the house and them coming to the door? Do I open the door in advance? Do I hide out of view so I don't look too eager? Who knows 🙃

TweetDeck : Royal Mail Non-Contact Delivery: Place parcel on doorstep, knock on the door and move onto next house

Just Eat Non-Contact Delivery: Place food on doorstep, knock on the door and walk back to the car

Hermes Non-Contact Delivery: Business as usual

Android : Antonia Oh, I'm going to regret saying this because my mates will have 300 photos ready and waiting to go 🤷‍♂

Android : Unfortunately I cannot take part in the "Until Tomorrow" trend on Instagram because there is no such thing as a bad or embarrassing photo of me. Thanks for your understanding

Android : My mum, an NHS nurse, came home from Morrisons after her shift and was confused as to why the whole street was clapping for her return because she had "only been to get some more fish fingers"