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Twitter for iPad : “The Boy Who Lived...” #vss365
Because of his Mother’s Love~ I love you My Cub

“Show me your scars, & I’ll show you your poetry.”©️Aspen
⚡️Wear Your Bolts Proudly⚡️

#HappyFathersDay To All Dads & Especially Others Whom Step Up For A Child~Here’s To You!

iPhone : I am the bolt
Of lightening
Striking jolt
So frightening

I am the you
You are the me
‘Tis true
Time to set us free

I am the light
No longer out there
Be brave & write to fight
Soar Freebird from shame’s lair

I am the We
Collective voice
Dare to be
& Rejoice

#vss365 #vss365a

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iPhone : Thank you all~ once the fever breaks,I’ll be back~Sorry I have to be away for a few days, but well, you guys know this drill. Thank you for allowing me to share. Truth is, I get petrified if I don’t. I just want to hug all of you. No matter how much time, it’ll never be enough🕊

iPhone : Think I care? Go ahead, put the big, bad #bolt on the door. Think I can’t escape your lair? You’ve used me all my life: my shell-a cavity where you cram your rot. My heart & mind are free never to see your Hell, & I’m going to kill them for it-leaving me. It’s not fair.

iPhone : Yoshi Shimizu Photo This bird is not going anywhere~ why there is a world you’ve shown me & dreams to be shared from others who don’t have wings, & I will live to my last breath hoping to give them a voice as you have given unto me~ 🕊

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iPhone : Yoshi Shimizu Photo I’ll be back in no time~😉~can’t keep a FreeBird down once she has wings🤗🕊

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iPhone : Some thought Ava was #bolting, running away wherever it is she went, but today was like all of the others. She was placed on the gurney; chemo drugs racing into her veins as she memorized every picture of her child on her phone while her heart cried & screamed.

#vss365 #vss365a

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iPhone : DeRicki Johnson Alas~my dearest friend & inspiration since I began~
Hark, o’er yonder in the midnight~ tis sweet, for if one dives underwater you’ll discover a shield that invites you from that storm in what treasures she writes & hath no fear, look no farther than the sphere of moonlight~🙏💞🕊

iPhone : Kimberly Parisi Murray Omg~ there are no words😢
You are not alone now
I so love you, Aspen

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