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Android : Tom Baldwin on the Today programme refusing to be sacked by Roland Rudd is a very People’s Front of Judea move.

Android : But Harwood graduated last year & since then has received whole months of training on an alt-right blog, it’s ridiculous to suggest 75 media appearances he lists on his LinkedIn are due to anything other than BBC’s (& others) high regard for journalistic training & experience twitter.com/peterjukes/sta…

Android : I started my career in television news and saw firsthand how ridden it is with nepotism, bullying, harassment, tokenism, discrimination, jobs for the boys. Samira Ahmed is a rare gem. She has always maintained her principles, even under pressure. She deserves our support today.

Twitter Web App : 6/12/16: al-Baghdadi killed in a US airstrike.
5/28/17: killed in Russian air strike.
6/11/17: killed in Syrian artillery strike.
6/29/17: Iranian leader says he's "definitely dead."
7/11/17: Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed his death.
10/26/2019: Killed again.

Twitter Web App : Rasputin has nothin’ on al-Baghdadi. twitter.com/wildonnelly/st…

Android : UPDATE! The car and the wheelchair have been returned safe and sound. Thanks so much to everyone for the RTs!! twitter.com/beatingblog/st…

Android : Anyone thinking the DUP wants a winter election should think back to the last time unionists triggered one, in January 1986. They resigned en masse from Westminster to protest the Anglo Irish Agreement. They lost South Armagh to Seamus Mallon and never got it back.

Android : What have we here?

A senior BBC journalist, tweeting & agreeing with hard-right propagandists Guido, attacking another journalist who called out senior BBC (& other) journalists acting as amplifiers for unelected "anonymous sources", who turn out to be hard-right propagandists. twitter.com/amolrajan/stat…