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Twitter Web App : #Ezidis from #Afrin, #Syria who were forcibly expelled from their homes by #Turkey & its jihadi mercenaries, help to restore the temple complex of #Lalish, #Iraq. Due to the Turkish aggression, there is no coherent #Ezidi community left in Syria.

Twitter Web App : "Despite the hardships in #Lebanon, most #Yazidis prefer to stay rather than go back to #Syria, where they can be exploited by the Syrian regime or targeted by Islamists."


Twitter Web App : #Ignorance is a deep rooted problem as it’s not curable if there’re no #SocialEducation and recognition.
Specially when it comes from religions which allow to mistreat others, like the #Yezidis hv bn constantly targeted by irredeemably ignorant and blinded ppl by their religion. twitter.com/ezidi2/status/…

Twitter Web App : Two Yazidi children (10 and 11 year old) were liberated from Al-Hol camp in #Syria, they were detained among ISIS families. They were kidnapped from #Sinjar/#Iraq in Summer 2014. twitter.com/iss_s1/status/…

Twitter Web App : Yezidis build homes on Mount #Shingal, the only place they feel safe

▪️I could build a house in Snune or someplace else, but we will not go to these places because here is the only safe place. Basically, we are afraid

#YazidiGenocide rudaw.net/english/middle…

Twitter Web App : About 2,000 families are originally from villages on Mount Shingal’s slopes & another 2,300 displaced families are still sheltering in tents on the mountain top. Both populations are building new houses on the mountain. About 200 houses hv bn built so far.

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