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iPhone : The one sure way of moving forward is to participate and vote. I wish all of us a safe election day tomorrow. In the meanwhile, enjoy this beautiful rendition of the National Anthem.…

iPhone : We're sending 25 government employees 2 TU Berlin for a graduate program n Computer Science, IT, Cyber Security & Software Engineering. Deadline is Aug 30.بورسیه-ماستری-کمپیوتر-ساینس-در-کشور-آل/

iPhone : “Gather your strength so you don’t cry,” the police officer advised as we entered the #Kabul education center targeted by suicide bomber. “We cried a lot.”

On the white board: math equations.

On the blackboard: a faded valentine.

ځان تينګ كړه چي وه نه ژاړى. مونږ خو دير وژړل

iPhone : Has pain become selective in this land? Do we only choose to feel pain and grief when we have lost someone close to us, a loved one? The families of most of these students from remote villages might not yet know of their loss, only friends are there to carry their coffin.…

iPhone : We are excited to announce that thousands of women have gone through biometric screening and received their credentials to participate in the upcoming mass recruitment exam for teachers in Kabul. We expect that at least 50% of those teachers who would be recruited will be #women.

Twitter Web Client : So much stillness and silence in this mosque, because when heart speaks, evth else finds it difficult to compete. The past one week has been a roller-coaster of feelings, from fear to hope; yet nothing is as overwhelming as the joy of compassion brought by Helmand peace marchers.

iPhone : Today was an overwhelmingly emotional day, I couldnt hold back my tears as AUAF class of 2018 walked down the graduation aisle. Alongside their identical caps and gowns, they all have sth else in common, they signify a generations fight for education n empowerment.

iPhone : Can u try and think of the last time a question posed 2 a male speaker asked him to tell us what he had done for men? I hope for the time when questions posed 2 women policy makers will allow them to address all relevant issues of their subject matter expertise not just women.

iPhone : When u lose a loved one in these horrific attacks, u don't lose them all at once. For everytime there is an attack, u lose another piece of them. Grief seems forever, it doesn't go away, it becomes a part of u, step by step, weighing you down and holding u in place.#KabulAttack

iPhone : As the sun dissolved into the huge clouds over Kabul mountains this evening, many around the city were digging graves.

52 graves, from what we know so far.

In this one, a champion went to rest.

iPhone : Despair brings endurance, despair is holding on to these last belongings of your loved ones, for if these papers survived your loved ones might have too.

iPhone : Afghanistan Week in Oslo: chairing panel w Patricia Gossman (Human Rights Watch) & Dipali Mukhopadhyay (Columbia Univ.) on «Warlords and Governance: Accommodation versus Justice?» But most important question: Is a new generation of leaders emerging? What will be their outlook?