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Android : Amمad Tanوeer بچے، مومن کی ایک نشانی یہ بھی ھے کہ اپنے کام سے کام رکھتا ھے اور دوسروں کے غیر ضروری معاملات میں ٹانگ نہیں اڑاتا۔۔

Android : Ambassador Abdul Basit came to visit today and we recorded a 30 minutes discussion on Pakistans foreign policy issues and role of govt and GHQ. A seriously thought provoking candid and patriotic discussion. To be aired after couple of days iA.
Shall share the link here.

Android : When it comes to harming Pakistan, all hostile powers join hands together, even if they claim to be enemies of each other....
East Pakistan crisis is a typical example where USSR, Israel, US, India all decided to break Pak.
Today, India is being backed by Israel & US fully.

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Twitter Web App : The coming days & weeks will bring mind boggling & existential challenges for Pakistan. The general direction of events is heading towards very dangerous storms.
How Pak will fare in those challenges depends upon how the military leadership, NOT the Govt, decides to respond...

Twitter Web App : The fact that the political govt is so seriously handicapped & compromised, creates a crisis of its own for GHQ & COAS.
Gen Bajwa will have to go extra mile now to share their burden & to justify his own extension which has been a cause of much controversy & embarrassment lately

Twitter Web App : If the internal chaos in India had not begun & unusually heavy snow had not fallen this winter in Kashmir, Indians would have launched their invasion of Pak already...
They are held back as they try to recover from the internal chaos but the fact remains that they are coming.

Twitter Web App : Also, Indians have seen the pacifism & indecision in Pak Govt today. For Indians and Israelis, this is the ideal time to increase pressure on Pakistan.
A weak confused & inexperienced Govt, economic crisis, political uncertainty & seriously compromised elements within Govt...

Twitter Web App : This is the reason why Indians are so hyper these days against Pak.
While Kashmir is burning on a slow fuse, India is keeping the CFL hot to keep Pak under pressure.
But the internal unrest in mainland India is unexpected crisis for Modi as well & he needs a distraction fast...

Twitter Web App : In the form of Modi & his RSS Zionist ideology, Israelis have found an ideal useful idiot who can be deployed against Pak.
Modi has his own reason too.
Hatred for Muslims, expansionist Hindutwa ideology, desire to create greater India....& now he is willing to bitch for Israel.

Twitter Web App : But there is one serious problem for Israelis -- Pakistan & its Islamic ideology armed with nuclear weapons is an existential threat to their Zionist dream of expansion.
For that, Israel wants to fight Pak to the last Indian....& they have found a jackass for this mission.

Twitter Web App : The destruction of the ME Muslim countries have virtually removed all military threat to Israel. So, now the next final phase of removing Palestinians from the land & annexing more territory for greater Israel can begin...
Remember -- they need the land between two rivers!!

Twitter Web App : So when Erdogan says that losing Jerusalem means losing Medina, Cairo, Istanbul and Islamabad....he is spot on....pointing towards the greater Israel plot which requires total & complete destruction of entire Islamic civilization within next few years...
Its existential crisis!

Twitter Web App : 2020....
Trumps deal of the century is another Balfour declaration, Another Sykes-Picot agreement, another Nakba.... this deal will complete the annihilation of all Palestine for all times to come....

Next.....expansion of Israel between Euphrates & Nile, down to Medina!!

Twitter Web App : 1924. Ottoman Caliphate was abolished. Ottomon empire destroyed. Last major Muslim resistance to Israel removed.
1939. WW2 waged to kill jews to create a reason for pushing Jews into Palestine.
1948. Israel was created....
1948. Nakba...the Palestinian genocide begins..

Twitter Web App : The brief Chronology of an ongoing genocide.
1914. US Federal Reserve was created. USA hijacked.
1914. WW1 begins.
1916. Sykes-Picot agreement to divide Iraq, Syria, Palestine.
1917. Balfour declaration announcing plans for state of Israel.
1920. Treaty of Sevres....

Twitter Web App : Imagine...!
Zionists waged two world wars, killed 100 million people, destroyed Ottoman empire, killed millions of their own to gain sympathy, infiltrated Christianity & created evangelical Christian Zionists, hijacked USA -- all for one idea --- create the state of Israel !

Android : Its ultimate tragedy that Pakistani leadership are so disgustingly shallow that they start to shiver and stammer even at a fake attempt to portray dignity.

Such collosal tragedy but...
قافلہ تو لٹا ھی، ھمارے کمینوں کوتو احساس زیاں بھی نہیں ھے۔۔ 😰😡

غیرت مند ترک! ⁦🇹🇷⁩⁦🇹🇷⁩

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Android : Everest Qi Jacoba Mulanlun Mary Scully You should see the Wuhan meat market. It caters for the poor segments of society too...see the animals that are being sold there...every Chinese share these dietary habits and tolerate the savagry of their fellow citizens. The society as a whole is guilty of this crime.

Android : صاف صاف خلاف ورزی سیدی رسول اللہ کے حکم مبارک کی۔۔ اب اگر بیماری پھیل گیء تو یہ کمینے خود ذمہدار ھوں گے۔۔ یہ اپنی جانوں پر خود ظلم کرنے والے ھیں۔۔ استغفراللہ۔۔۔

Twitter Web App : What has given those cow piss drinking monkey worshiping wife swapping swines such confidence that they are barking on Pakistan with such audacity ? (these are factual statements, not allegations)

This is where Pakistan's political & military leadership need to ponder deep !!