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Words Are Not Proof

Bio Used to proudly defend the industry from the community. Now, I proudly defend the community from the industry. #IStandWithVic
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Twitter for iPad : Damn, Judas Priest is already working on another album. And Glenn Tipton is still working on it despite his Parkinson’s disease. Christ, can anything stop these guys?

Twitter for iPad : A disrespectful idiot does disrespectful idiot things.

There is literally no reason for you to bring race into it. twitter.com/_ohbekah/statu…

Curious Cat : Vic already has tons of supporters. You wouldn't be disrespecting him by bowing out and prioritizing your well-be… — Doesn’t matter what I do or where I go. It will always plague my mind. curiouscat.qa/ZeroResurrecte…

Twitter for iPad : Did we, the fans, ever mean anything to them? Did our love, our money, our support, our words on encouragement and our stories of how much they inspired us ever get to them? Or were we always nothing more than cash cows in their eyes?

Twitter for iPad : amazing people that love the fans and just want to hare their passions too...Why did I ever think an industry like that could exist? I was a stubborn idiot and now my shattered delusions have utterly consumed me. There’s nothing left of me but my desire for revenge.

Twitter for iPad : I never even considered doing anything else with my life. Why would I want to? It’s the best job in the world, right? You get to experience amazing stories and art from a whole new perspective and make other people feel the same fire that you once did and you get to work with

Twitter for iPad : If these people knew what I was going through and how important they were to me, would they even care? Or would they just see me as just some crazy fanbrat? They meant the world to me once. So much so that I can’t imagine my life without them or their industry. It’s all I have.

Twitter for iPad : able to do anything but scream and shout about it and hope to god that enough people will hear it for change to happen. I’m so sick of it. Sick of my life, sick of the people in it, sick of crying myself to sleep and then waking up and going through another day of it.

Twitter for iPad : I hate everything right now. I hate the VAs for everything they’ve done, I hate our disgusting, bleeding heart culture that lets these things happen, I hate humanity and human nature for not being above shit like this and I hate myself for not seeing it coming and for not being

Twitter for iPad : PLEASE RT

Its been a little over a week since my cat went missing, Ive been searching for her almost every day but to no avail. Already posted fliers and informed a bunch of places around here. If youre in the Dayton/Springboro, OH area please keep an eye out for her.

Twitter for iPad : Businesses won’t hire people with criminal records, so people with criminal records often have no choice but to break laws to make ends meet, thus creating a perpetual underclass of criminals who go in and out of prison.

Our entire criminal justice system needs reforming. twitter.com/ripmiyara/stat…