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Ill take the bottom bunk and be the little spoon.

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Android : Tbh?

Fucking nothing.

So happy that I get to die as shit as I feel.…

Android : 🍂Troy🍂 All we can really do is just keep trying, keep failing, and keep slumping into pity pits when the reality hits us just a little too hard on how forever alone we are.

Android : 🍂Troy🍂 It's all about knowing the right people, and really that's just another minefield in itself.

Worse still is when you think youve got a thing going with someone, theres a connection there, and then out of nowhere they cut you off. That's always a real confidence boost...

Android : 🍂Troy🍂 To this day, I've never been approached by a guy or asked out on a date. Apps are just what everyone uses for hookups so I don't like them really. Vainly I hope that some day I'll just meet someone and it'll all click into place, but I honestly dont think that day will ever come.

Android : 🍂Troy🍂 Hey, if you ever wanna chew my ear off about it, I'm your guy just send me a message, because I absolutely get it.

Just seems like the mating behaviours of a gay man are getting infinitely more complex and absurd...

Android : 🍂Troy🍂 Then you'll get hit with the odd "Well you're not getting out there trying to meet someone", and it's just this paradox of trying too hard but not trying hard enough.

And you just get so tired of it all. But under it all, all you really want, is someone to desire and love you...

Android : 🍂Troy🍂 I've been through all these motions for sure.

And to top if off, you're just left with this empty, angry, miserable feeling that people dont quite understand when you try to verbalize how you feel.

Android : Hey guys, Ive been facing some tense problems, I really didnt want to do this, but Im opening emergency commissions.
More info about what happened + prices here:…
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Android : No limits characters would be like:

No gore, no toilet, no, no, no. This is what called limits. Otherwise, have a good day~

Android : 最近サボってたンで、リハビリで…