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Android : So Everytime someone from a private school achieves something, people from both side of the divide reach into their bag of feelings and pop off with the comparisons? That's a sad way to live.

Android : Game night got a little crazier than expected 😂

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Android : Abuja Big Boy Summary.

1. White kaftan
2. Business plan
3. Oud perfume
4. Mercedes benz
5. Currently pursuing a contract
6. Currently have small issues with accommodation.
7. Might need a loan

Android : Reminds me of when Jenkinson pulled that magic years back. twitter.com/SemClubismo_FC…

Android : Steph Curry making the 2x defensive player of the year Rudy Gobert look like he’s never played basketball before

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Android : You guys fucking understood why the Acrimony lady felt entitled to the man and his wealth, but not when it's Ujunwa's husband that trained her from diploma in unizik till she finished her masters, roofed her father's house and trained her 2 brothers in Alaba.

Android : The label exists mostly because there is a bunch of lazy girls who think they deserve the world on a platter simply because they have coochies. twitter.com/iSurhailo/stat…

Android : Albanian Fans mocking Ronaldo in 2015 then he goes up to end them with a hattrick. Mans played all his career hated by Media, Journalists, Fans but the hate makes him better

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