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Bio Contemporary romance author. Obsessive book buyer. Slow runner. Bad influence. She/her. Represented by @millercallihan.
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Twitter Web Client : Leta Blake He's already been through one lockdown. And I had a shitty dream about a shooting a couple of days ago. So we decided we're both a little unnerved and we're going to just hang out at home, do our work, and wait to find out what today's investigation brings...

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Twitter Web Client : KJ Charles It is. And it's almost certainly a kid who thought it would be funny to shut down/scare the school, but I have friends from Newtown (where Sandy Hook Elementary is) and my kid has already been through one lockdown where the kids had to pee in trash cans in the closet. Jfc.

Twitter Web Client : Shit. Shit. Shit. My kid's school emailed they've had a threat about a shooting with tomorrow as a specific date. Police are investigating. I don't even want to send him TODAY. I hate this.

Twitter Lite : SOLD. Jane Doe was one of my favorite reads this year. I'm ready for this!…

Twitter Web Client : Brina I 100% use the "do I want a pause here or no" reasoning with creative writing. With grant apps, I try to be a *little* more formal (although I mostly still do what I want, because we're people, not nonprofit automatons!).

Twitter Web Client : Dayna Right? I feel like my comma instincts are generally pretty good, but I am operating on decades of absorbed experience something like half the time, as opposed to being able to explain *why* I think what I do. πŸ˜‚