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Twitter Web App : “The UK has not been a pleasant place to live for European immigrants* since the referendum, and phases of brief panic followed by months of denial do not make for the most stable of mindsets.”

*(This is, on all accounts, equally true for non-EU immigrants, esp. non-white imgr.)

Twitter Web App : If you read one op-ed about Brexit today, make it this one.

Marie Le Conte is brilliant in encapsulating the nagging mix of despair, melancholy & anger, I and countless other EU citizens in the UK feel when it comes to our future in this country.


Twitter Web App : The Amazon rainforest has seen roughly 15 to 17% deforestation.

Once deforestation reaches around 25%, the forest may not be able to move enough water to sustain itself and may degrade into a savanna, releasing gobs of carbon into the air.


iPhone : Rasmus Kleis Nielsen The risk I see in removing the licences is that RT, CGTN et al. will cry foul whenever it happens and use it as a pretence to start “whatabout”-debates whenever someone points out their own egregious record on press freedom. Public education is probably the best sanitiser.

iPhone : Jazza John A last one: Why is there seemingly so much complacency? Where’s the public pushback against both no-deal and Brexit in general, apart from complaining? I know it’s a crude comparison but people in Hong Kong have been protesting for weeks on end for their rights.

Twitter Web App : Already the second fascinating paper on news consumption/news use this week, this time from Antonis Kalogeropoulos et al. using data from the Reuters Institute news report. Main findings in the thread below & the paper seems to be open access! twitter.com/antoniskalog/s…

Twitter Web App : A “PR blitz" to reassure Britons about a no-deal Brexit.

Or as it is known in other countries: “Government Propaganda" twitter.com/SebastianEPayn…

Twitter Web App : And a final recommendation for your Sunday: A somewhat hopeful story on how the climate crisis could be addressed:

“The Coal Authority estimates there is enough geothermal energy in coal mines to heat 180m UK homes.”