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iPhone : #Eagles talking QB Josh McCown out of retirement to sign 1 year deal is good thing. Obvious team wanted experienced QB, has guarantee of 2M, incentives up to 5.4M. Don’t think HC Pederson was too happy w Kessler when he made poor read to pick up overload on play he got hurt.

iPhone : I like the @eagles signing of Josh McCown in this sense: while not a world-bearer, the 17-year vet is the kind of competent pro who can step in if Wentz gets hurt. I trust him more than Sudfeld if it comes down to it.

iPhone : Injury’s happen it’s football can’t have a fear based mindset and be scared to play wentz only way you get ready to play football is by playing football. Every game counts when you are trying to get home field advantage for playoffs eagles have to be ready to start the season

iPhone : Sudfeld tried to brace his fall with his hands which is obviously something you should never do with 280 pound men landing on you. Kessler didn’t realize he had 5 blockers for 6 blitzers and didn’t get the ball out quick to his hot reciever also a mistake wentz doesn’t make

iPhone : Some thoughts on Carson wentz playing in the preseason. If you don’t want him to play in the preseason don’t complain how the offense looks the first 3 weeks. Stop saying see what could happen (sudfeld, Kessler injuries) both of those qbs got themselves injured.

iPhone : Chase Utley is “The Man,” per the late, great Harry Kalas. We love having Bryce in Philly, but calling him “The Man,” is no more kosher than calling him Lefty, Big Piece or The Minister of Defense. twitter.com/mlb/status/116…

iPhone : I dont know many people that are as high on Carson Wentz as I am. Im about talent at the position and hes the prototype athlete that youd want. There are not 10 more talented quarterbacks than Wentz.

Cris Carter

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iPhone : Heres the Bryce swing and Kruks OH MY GOD on repeat

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iPhone : Running for Miles and Miles 💨

Miles Sanders | #PHIvsJAX

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iPhone : I think one of the biggest issues human beings have is the comfort driven impulse to view everything as mutually exclusive.