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Android : I get very annoyed when South African Christmas marketing strategies use snow, open fireplaces and thick holiday sweaters in their festive promos. We are in the Southern Hemisphere and it's summer. Festive is more of a braai, beach and pool vibe.

Android : People like the saying "Think outside the box" ,isnt it weird that the box is created by us as a society no one questions why the box was created in the first place.

Android : I think small businesses in South Africa need a better way to organise. Because we can't communicate with government as a collective as a result government doesn't really understand SME's needs.

Android : Then they will tell the public to start businesses. Do they understand how hard it is to run a SME without being paid for 6 months? twitter.com/Dispatch_DD/st…

Android : Mashudu Modau From my experience choosing the right partner is more important than anything. The wrong person can destroy your business and you will take a mental and emotional strain. Too many emotions are involved couple that with money,different views and work ethic=ticking time bomb

Android : Take the steps that leads to a better life.
The more we express thanks, the more gratitude we feel. The more gratitude we feel, the more we express thanks.

Android : somadodafikeni Being a young boy with older brothers was a lot, leading the oxen then your brother cracks the whip the cattle start a little jog if you move slow you get a horn to your back....eish memories

Android : Imagine a 3 hour drive with the O jays, Temptations, Teddy,Anita Baker, Arethra Franklin nd just nje Mo Town yonke all playing back to back. Doing that right now