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Hootsuite Inc. : Were developing #menopause awareness courses for managers and employees.

Public Health England reports that 12% of women have taken time off work due to symptoms and 59% have lied to their manager about the reason for their absence.

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Hootsuite Inc. : You don’t have to be an expert to talk about #mentalhealth.

We know that only 30% of managers have had any mental health training so heres some top tips for having those difficult conversations -


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Hootsuite Inc. : Are you Working to Live, or Living to Work?

Heard of Karoski? It means Overwork Death. The Japanese have a phrase for people who literally work themselves to death.

Are we starting to see signs of it in the UK?


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Hootsuite Inc. : Youve got some #MentalHealth First Aiders - thats great. Now how are you looking after them?

We offer bespoke courses to refresh their skills+develop personal resilience through reflective practice and an understanding of secondary trauma, compassion fatigue and self care.

Hootsuite Inc. : Fantastic to be back with Cancer Research UK delivering conflict management and personal safety training to nurses+bank staff in London.

Their staff+volunteers do an incredible job supporting people and its a pleasure to be working with them.

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Hootsuite Inc. : Do you talk about the #menopause in your workplace?

Latest research reports 90% of women said their employer had no support in place for helping women going through the menopause.

45% of women said their managers didnt recognise problems associated it.

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Hootsuite Inc. : Have you taken the Man MOT??

Here are some fantastic resources and advice from Mens Health Forum

menshealthforum.org.uk/mens-health-we… …

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Hootsuite Inc. : Assaults and threats against shop workers have risen threefold.

115 retail workers were violently attacked at work every day in the UK last year.


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Hootsuite Inc. : * Is work-related stress a disability?
* Is a doctor's note the new 'get-out-of-work-free card'?
* What do we have to do to make sure we don't break the law?

Answers to some of the most commonly asked questions on our #mentalhealth + #wellbeing courses.


Hootsuite Inc. : What is the leader’s role in #wellbeing and #mentalhealth issues in their organisations?

At #WOL19 tomorrow well be sharing how weve supported Next with their journey over the past 2 years.

Look out for our mental health trainer Hugo!

World of Learning

Hootsuite Inc. : Great to be working with Walt Disney Company (they let us play with the toys!).

Weve developed bespoke mental health awareness courses for their managers.

A forward thinking company when it comes to looking after the wellbeing of their employees.

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Hootsuite Inc. : Bringing training to life...

Here is professional actor Cait in action on our conflict management courses with A.S. Watson (Europe), putting theory into practice.

RADA trained Cait worked for many years with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

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Hootsuite Inc. : Meet the team....

Moe is a former mental health nurse with a huge amount of real world, frontline experience.

Shes worked in the NHS, alcohol/drug addiction charities, primary care and higher education.

Great fun to work with and our clients think shes brilliant too!


Hootsuite Inc. : Delighted to have been recognised as the Most Trusted Health and Safety Training Provider in Leicester.

The independent SME News Business Elite awards said Oakwood consistently provided the best services and products for their clients.

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Hootsuite Inc. : Hes not that scary!!

Ian is one of our most experienced personal safety trainers (and super friendly).

Here he is in action at Waterloo Housing last week on a Lone Working+Personal Safety course.

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