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iPhone : Supercarnaseem πŸ’” Yewande Biala Sis you are noone to tell anyone that Yewande wasn't looking for love, you don't sign up to a dating show to not fall for someone? Yewande is a whole scientist she doesn't need the money if you're implying she only went on for the big pay after

iPhone : Supercarnaseem πŸ’” Yewande Biala It takes a lot for a girl to open up after being cheated on several times by the person they thought was the love of their life. Danny sold her dreams, told her and everyone else in the villa a pack of lies & then went and picked arawhatever

iPhone : men cry.
men breakdown.
men suffer with eating disorders and body dysmorphia.
men have suicidal thoughts.
men die by suicide.
men suffer with mental illness.

it’s not unmanly to struggle.

we need to encourage men to speak out, not let them suffer in silence.

iPhone : found out someone screamed "Fuck this" during their actual maths alevel and went to sleep lol, the invigilator literally woke them up after their exam. #mood #edexcelmaths

iPhone : me opening all of my exam papers knowing no content whatsoever lol #alevels #aqachemistry #aqabiology #edexcelmaths

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