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Twitter Web App : laptop sent in for repairs!! turns out the battery like...inflated and changed the shape of the insides and that was why my fans been so loud and god im using a mac in the meantime and i keep trying to hit delete but hitting the power button instead and turning it off

TweetDeck : dids de BIG TRANSFEWRS n den big rollout.

Alwayd do rolls if u no wants get boopies. #screenshotsaturday

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Twitter Web Client : In Legends of Runeterra, poking the Poro repeatedly will result in the creature aiming an angry raspberry at the player.

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TweetDeck : Weve been working on a big content and balance update including a revamp to the falcon buff system with perma stat boosts and some foods that give a debuff like speed. We dont handle a negative speed values on the bird well yet. She flies backwards? #screenshotsaturday

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Twitter Web App : ✨ SUPER CRUSH KO IS OUT NOW! ✨

💖 Get it on Switch: nintendo.com/games/detail/s…

💖 Get it on Steam: store.steampowered.com/app/907670/Sup…

👀 Check out our fancy new Launch trailer!



Twitter Web App : Looking for a good book, any suggestions? #screenshotsaturday pic.twitter.com/VFhzoyltGx

Android : Went to book a flight and this genuinely breaks my heart. Ive been using and recommending Hipmunk for travel bookings almost as long as Ive been traveling, and I kind of cant believe its just gone.

Twitter Web App : Ive been having fun adding to #BuckyGame! Gems, lights, spiders, crawlers, jump-though platforms, new terrain, basic HUD and bomb trails added over the last few weeks. Let me know your thoughts!

#screenshotsaturday #indiedev #gamedev #GameMakerStudio2 #pixelart #aseprite

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Twitter Web App : Shader Graph breakdown post of the Stylized Lava is up now. Shader Graph file is attached to the post! #gamedev #madewithunity

Over here :D >> patreon.com/posts/shader-g…

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Android : Sooo I want to play the Witcher 3 again (already own it on PC) but Im thinking maybe itd be nice to experience it on the Switch instead, so Im not bound on my potato laptop or a desk in general.. what dooo

Twitter Web App : As part of a school trip we visited another former concentration camp here in Germany - Buchenwald. It really made the crimes of the nazis come to life. We need to remember to not repeat the same mistakes.

iPhone : freelancers i know feel stress about logging hrs, not logging the hrs spent thinking on work or planning etc.

POLL: for those in salary “office” jobs, NOT FREELANCE, how many hrs do you spend at your job “not” working on the task at hand? thinking, planning, maybe spacing out?

Twitter Web App : Really digging the teasing that Third Shift 🦉 is doing for their debut title <3

Can only imagine the stories that this old man has to tell, his dog, and a campervan through the country 😊

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iPhone : Did some character #zbrush sculpt practice on livestream today! Suggestion of Yeen character by @ashlee__ortiz 💞 Ill do a turntable in the morning when Im more awake, thanks for everyone who joined the livestream<3 🌟 I might add him to Billie Bust Up! if I find a place for him

iPhone : may 🌱✨ I’m glad you’re having a nice restful time!! Omg that candle scent sounds amazing.. such a nice way to make every day feel like Christmas (I saw a shop selling Xmas candles at a clearance, so inspired to go get some now! 🥰) ✨

Twitter Web App : The release went amazing, thank you to everyone for sharing, playing and showing love ❤️

If you like TaniNani then please consider leaving a review because it could help future interested players!

Buffer : 🐾 Meet one of Ally’s fave childhood toys: Stuffumz!

When she gains sentience, Stuffumz is surprised + confused as to why the mansion is haunted; but if she knows anything, it’s that she always beat King Teddy in play fights! 💪

#screenshotSaturday Cat Lady NOW OUT IN EARLY ACCESS! #indiegames

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Twitterrific for iOS : Right, because everyone knows the “realistic” thing to do is allow the CEO of The British Petroleum Company to dictate our carbon emissions policy. twitter.com/cnbc/status/12…

Buffer : We got some amazing fan art that has minor spoilers from VvipereonK, and it reminded us of an animation we didnt get a chance to put into the game.
We wanted to add VFX, but were afraid it would make Alethea too powerful.
#screenshotsaturday #animeglasses

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TweetDeck : Hi #screenshotsaturday! May I present our three Cs of the day:
Coffee, Coolness and Cupcakes!
☕ 🧁 Whats yours? 🧁 ☕
If you like #cool or #sweet things, go get some of our Letters swag! 😍
➡️ bit.ly/Letters_Backer…
#indiedev #gamedev #gaming #madewithunity #coffee #cupcake

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iPhone : It’s so strange whn something finally hits you. Thinking about how many times I’ve done/said this makes me think deeply at what an impact Kobe had and how great they were. Absolutely devastated and can’t imagine what his family might be going through to lose a father and daughter twitter.com/markuspr1m3_/s…

iPhone : Game two of Star Wars with the kids. They rolled so many Triumphs tonight, it was epic.
They took out a AT-ST and eliminated Lieutenant Sarev.
Mission Complete!

Android : Its been a year since this idea took off and while I didnt succeed in getting a demo out last year Im still committed to developing it.

I love this game idea with all my heart and nothing will change that. twitter.com/Hi_ImTemmy/sta…

Twitter Web App : Something is off with the overworld, so you have to descend into an abandoned facility. Can you find the cause?

Remnants by ✿June✿. #indiedev #gamedev

>> Link to the game: june-flower.itch.io/remnants
>> Link to the article: game-curator.com/indie/remnants pic.twitter.com/NORNDbfMYR

Twitter Web App : #OnThisDay 1984: Tomorrows World had instruments that sounded exactly like different instruments, thanks to the magic of microprocessors.

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Twitter Web App : AI based sprite frame interpolation by GRisk grisk.itch.io/dain-app

LEFT original | RIGHT interpolated

#pixelart #gamedev

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Twitter Web App : Just started working on a crafting bench ⚒️

Does anyone have any cool suggestions on features I could add?? Lemme know in the suggestions channel on the discord: discord.gg/QrCtDHN 😊


#indiedev #indiegame #UnrealEngine #Blender3d #Discord #lowpoly

Twitter Web App : Heres a look into some of the gameplay for Bird BnB! 🐦

🌱 Planting seeds to grow food for guests
🔨 Crafting amenities and nests to keep certain guests happy
🌳 Customising your tree to fit your own style
...plus so much more

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iPhone : Last week for submitting your #games and #playfulMedia works to the #AMazeAwards! Feb 2nd Deadline approaching!

#indiegames #artgames #mediaart #altctrl #performances

SocialFlow : Nintendo Japan will no longer service the original Wii: