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Twitter for iPad : Hey everybody, I’ve got a good idea. If they prorogue Parliament, let’s do a Hong Kong. What you think?

Android : Asked by regional BBC station to discuss falling vaccination rates - grand, except they wanted me on against someone claiming vaccines are dangerous. Explained this was textbook false balance, unethical, & against BBC trust guidelines. They wouldn't budge, so I'm not doing it😑

Twitter for iPad : It has now become apparent that the Operation Yellowhammer document leaked last week was dated August 2019, and was not ‘old’. My letter to the Prime Minister:

Twitter for iPad : .@channel4news' interview with @borisjohnson at #G7Biarritz cancelled, despite team being told to travel to summit for interview.

Decision by UK Prime Minister was made following criticism from Dorothy Byrne that Mr Johnson limits access to media like Putin.

Twitter for iPad : Still waiting for the first BBC question to Johnson, Gove and Cummings on Vote Leave’s illegal payments in 2016. twitter.com/carolecadwalla…

Twitter for iPad : I couldn't agree more. It shows exactly where we are. A man, appointed by a self-selecting 90,000, is going to cancel Parliament, elected by us all, to force through his own personal vision. If that's democracy, I am a banana. twitter.com/tari_lang/stat…

Twitter for iPad : O2 in the UK it seems either your complaints centre has closed or they’ve decided not to respond to complaints anymore.over 3 weeks now, lots of apologetic customer service staff but nowt, nada, rien.

Ofcom what are the regs on a mobile provider responding to customers?

Twitter for iPad : I’m respecting the Referendum result of 1975 which was won by a landslide, because the generation who actually fought the war voted for peace. twitter.com/BorisJohnson/s…

Twitter for iPad : When we read the story about Hazel Jones anonymously chalking graffiti for her grandkids metro.co.uk/2019/08/10/pen… we were moved, inspired and motivated. If you too #RejectBrexit now’s the time to take a stand. Thank you Hazel x (location: Coventry)

Twitter for iPad : Some US drugs are over 15,000% more expensive than the *same* drugs in the UK.

An obscene profit margin that Donald J. Trump is only too desperate to get his hands on.

Anyone think for one second Boris Johnson will stop him?

Our NHS - on the line 😔


Twitter for iPad : On way to Edinburgh TV festival to debate BBC QuestionTime editor about who gets telly time..but she cancelled & seems no-one else is available 🤔 But in neat bit of timing, here’s CNN’s great John Avlon asking me about Arron Banks & threats to journalism