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Twitter for iPad : I mean, Dominic Raab is just awful, isn’t he? There’s not actually any debate to be had on that point. He’s basically Patrick Swayze’s evil workmate from Ghost.

Android : Watching #C4Debate, hearing so many pledges about righting wrongs and so many promises about tackling injustice, makes me wish that these men had been in government so they could have had a chance to implement them

Oh, wait .....

Twitter for iPad : Trump’s apologists aren’t going to abandon him now that the evidence of his depravity is complete. Some of them won’t because they’re as disgusting as he is. Some of them can’t because the climb down is too far. It’s corruption, cowardice or a combination of both. Nothing else.

Twitter for iPad : Trying to get my prescription today for blood meds that stop me dying. Chemist very apologetic but says there’s a national shortage ‘due to Brexit’.
Fucking get ready Nigel Farage!

Twitter for iPad : WATCH: Clip of regretful leaver Christopher Oram giving a message to all remainers on how they must react to those having second thoughts on brexit & why the #RemainerNow community is so important.

(More on his story by Ellen Hobson 郝爱琳 is here youtu.be/mJPcOoIrOfA)


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Twitter for iPad : “How many times have you been to court to try to keep the existence of your own children secret?” A suggestion for questions people might want to ask sour potential future Prime Ministers.

Twitter for iPad : This is what a principled politician looks like.
Hats off to Mr Grieve.
Country before party. twitter.com/brexitcentral/…

Twitter for iPad : A brave and principled former attorney general. Those were the days.... twitter.com/brexitcentral/…

Twitter for iPad : Esther McVey claimed £8,750 in expenses for personal photographer


Twitter for iPad : Liz Truss on Today says Boris Johnson was a brilliant foreign secretary. This is utter nonsense. Peter Ricketts, formerly permanent secretary in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, told me Jeremy Hunt inherited from Johnson a Foreign Office in complete disarray.

Twitter for iPad : ITV News At least he has just given hard evidence, on camera, why we should stop paying for him to fly around the world talking ‘business’

Twitter for iPad : ‘Like’ this tweet if you think that Leaving the EU is an act of monumental self harm and wish to Remain and you are NOT based in London.

You are all free to RT as I’d love to get lots of likes for this one!

You are also welcome to reply with where you are based!


Twitter for iPad : If only Dominic Grieve *were* a candidate in the #ToryLeadershipContest. An intelligent, courteous man, who really does seem to put country before party. Which, sadly, is why he is facing deselection. twitter.com/FranS199/statu…