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iPhone : Dear PM,
I don’t want to pay taxes to fund freeloading ‘student uncles’ and ‘student aunties’ squatting in #JNU for years, being ‘critics of society’ instead of supporting themselves and a few others.
Most humbly,
An Indian taxpayer twitter.com/timesnow/statu…

iPhone : Recommended: Hunting the KGB Killers on Amazon Prime. Story of Russian intel — allegedly on Putin’s direct orders — killing former KGB officer Alexander Litvinenko in London with Polonium-210.

iPhone : Golu,

India's "first empire" was NOT exclusively Buddhist. Chandragupta Maurya patronised Vedic Hinduism and Jainism.

Bindusara patronised Vedic Hinduism

Ashoka was Buddhist.

His descendant Samprati again favoured Hinduism.

Stop writing nonsense and read only primary sources twitter.com/devduttmyth/st…

iPhone : Democracy doesn’t vote to power those you want, you say #BanEVM. Courts don’t give rulings to your liking, you blame judiciary. People don’t agree with you on SM, you call them trolls.
Do you realise how far down the road of fascism you’ve travelled while calling others fascist?

Twitter Web App : Citizenship is not a state subject. And let National Register of Citizens be national, although it has so far been applied in Assam.
Disenfranchising illegal immigrants is non-negotiable. It can't be a votebank badminton between the Centre and states. twitter.com/PrashantKishor…

iPhone : আর ফুটবল লফ্টে রেখে যতই রোদ হোক ব্যাট-বল-উইকেট নিয়ে মাঠে গিয়ে বিজ্ঞের মতো রান-আপ মাপা, ফিল্ডিং সেট করা আর লেগ স্টাম্প গার্ড। twitter.com/mtanmay/status…

iPhone : “When Shuja (Shah Jahan’s son) was appointed as governor of Kabul, he carried on a ruthless war in the Hindu territory beyond Indus. The sword of Islam yielded a rich crop of converts; most are women.”
~ Badshah Nama.
#ThanksMughals, indeed.

iPhone : “For the sake of Islam I became a
I battled infidels and Hindus,
I was determined to become a martyr
Thank God I became a Ghazi, a killer of non-Muslims!”
~ Babur in Baburnama.
#ThanksMughals, indeed.