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Android : 🔥Thread explains Tiananmen Square: Sidenote... organizers used new tech...fax machines. Quickly gov figured out locations of the fax machines... today it is the messaging app 'Telegram', Has the go broken into that also?…

Android : In 1989 The Chinese Communist party commanded tanks into Beijing to clear protesters from Tiananmen Square.
The Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) is not a national army, instead it is an armed wing of the Communist Party, it is the fundamental guarantee of Communist Party rule

Android : Pro-democracy candidates are winning over 90% of the early returns so far in #HongKongs District Election - 91 of the first 100 seats decided have gone to Pro-democracy camp. #HKDCElection #HKDCElections #HKDC

Form the vault. #Sales : From the vaults, my 2nd fave subject - after #venturecapital - is #Sales Building a #Sales Assembly Line. Part 4.

Android : Thread about China, Huawei. Spying & World war 5(g).
Youre about to become the head of your own Intel Agency. Youll be an authority and youll win any bar fight argument.
Let’s begin...

Android : 🔥Quick Thread, IRAN TODAY IS NORTH KOREA YESTERDAY. Lets begin...
In the early 2000s, North Korea admitted to pursuing the development of nuclear weapons despite promises to the contrary....

Twitter Web Client : "No matter what happens, the vision of the anointed always succeeds, if not by the original criteria, then by criteria extemporized later–and if not by empirical criteria, then by criteria sufficiently subjective to escape even the possibility of refutation" Sowell

Android : American taxpayers have spent hundreds of billions on its "war on poverty". Kennedy, Johnson, and so on…

Twitter Web Client : Sowell wrote "Yet Americans are given "class" labels on the basis of their transient location in the income stream. If most Americans do not stay in the same broad income bracket for even a decade, their repeatedly changing "class" makes class itself a nebulous concept."...

Twitter Web Client : Rich/Poor class distinctions ignore that transience. Most people understand that our peak earning years are not when we just start out in the job market, but rather, occur much latter on after we have gained experience, skills, and competencies.

Twitter Web Client : 'Rich’ versus ‘Poor’ is the gold standard by which politicians agitate the always aggrieved and the angry baristas for their votes.
I have been rich and poor, many times in both directions, these things are inherently transient, a function of time.

Android : Bolivia & China, Deuda, corrupción, contratos sin licitación bajo el régimen del corrupto y criminal innombrable, un interesante análisis económico con datos que demuestran donde nos llevó el desgobierno masista..👇…