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iPhone : Opinium poll for Observer, Cons back to 15-pt lead:
Con 38% +2
Lab 23% -1
Lib Dem 15% -5
Brexit 12% +1
Green 4% +2
2,006 UK adults 3-4 Oct, change since last week

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Twitter for iPad : First Peter Sissons. Now Sally Soames. Not a good week. Much sadness and loss.

Twitter for iPad : She will live on in the body of her remarkable work. And in the memories of those like me who were privileged to work with her. For she was not just a consummate professional at the top of her trade but a loyal and wonderful person. RIP, Sally.

Twitter for iPad : So sad to learn of the death of Sunday Times friend and colleague, Sally Soames, one of the greatest photographers of her generation. In a largely male-dominated profession, she didn’t just survive. She thrived and excelled, making her indelible mark on portrait photography.

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Twitter for iPad : “It was a night of coming together, as it were. Trumphobes mingled amicably with MAGA enthusiasts. Hawks made peace with doves; Democrats exchanged pleasantries with Republicans; old mixed with young; wine mixed with spirits.” At the Spectator USA DC launch party.

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Twitter for iPad : "Spectator USA had its second launch party in three days last night in Washington, DC. Andrew Neil his wife Susan Nilsson welcomed 160 guests – a motley congregation of hacks, insiders, outsiders, and conceited limeys who think they know best." By Cockburn…

Twitter for iPad : "Should the United States be sending hundreds of millions of dollars in lethal weaponry to Ukraine? This is not a policy discussion we’ve heard aired in the past two weeks," writes Michael Tracey…