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Instagram : Esi Edugyan is all that. Loved chairing her at #cheltenhamliteraturefestival today. If you haven’t read Washington Black yet, get with it! Rooting for her at the #manbookerprize ... the……

iPhone : .Afua Hirsch says deporting low risk former inmates who have lived in the UK since childhood is wrong. Let us know what you think.

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TweetDeck : The Tweet I've just cited may seem obviously racist and extreme, but I have broken it down like because polite, respectable, establishment people who would baulk at overt racism, express versions of this opinion every single day

TweetDeck : 5. Why is a black person who expresses a view - in this case one based on fact - a "traitor", but a white person who is racist / bigoted / spreading ignorance & hate in all the ways listed above, especially assuming a black English person has no inherent right to be here, not?

TweetDeck : 4. "doesn't have the balls to leave" - how often do you ask white English people who are critical of this country why they don't leave if they don't like it here? CC Nick Ferrari Piers Morgan and all the others who think this is an acceptable question to ask us

TweetDeck : 3. That Churchill was racist is not even controversial - it's historical fact. His Eton educated, Conservative white peers thought he was racist. This is well documented.

TweetDeck : 1. Kehinde, and I for that matter, are English BECAUSE of English history.
2. The idea that black people who express a view are "troublemakers" is a classic expression of the Good Immigrant expectation that - unlike white English people - we should be grateful and keep quiet...

TweetDeck : This is literally a textbook study of weaponised whiteness and the fragility of Englishness. Oh, and dear Brexiteers, this charming specimen says he is one of yours. Over to you…

TweetDeck : Hilary Ineomo-Marcus came to the UK age 10. He is known and loved as a reformer. He is married to a British wife, with British children. Both these men are facing deportation. This is an unspeakably callous act. What kind of country have we become? We must resist. 3/3

TweetDeck : Kweku Adeboli came to the UK age 12. Hes product of British education, & professional training. He made a mistake, for which he paid, no one denies he is now an exemplary citizen, whistleblower & reformer. Has has almost no ties in Ghana, which he left age 4. He is British 2/3