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Twitter Web App : wawa skittletits very very weird. Actually twitter was one of the first places inception fandom gravitated from LJ during the Great DDOS attacks of 2010-2011-ish, but it was all informal, tiny, and just an extra place for us all to chat. Using hashtags for a big fandom here seems nightmarish.

Twitter Web App : wawa skittletits yeah, i'm sure it's useful, and if i were running a fic exchange right now i'd use twitter too just to cover all my bases? it's just still so weird that THIS IS ONE OF THE BASES

Twitter Web App : it will never not be weird seeing fandom fic fests etc organizing on twitter of all places. it's very difficult to target fans here, and all your posts will vanish like tears in rain

Twitter Web App : Have you ever watched a Monsta X music video and thought to yourself the storytelling potential here is off the charts?

If you ever have, this is the place for you!

Twitter Web App : There are few things more delightful than a bunch of A-list actors hamming it up while voice acting, especially if they are hamming it up as evil villains

Twitter Web App : omfg do you cretins even know how much work Lauren has put into this Gunpla site, she's been running it for YEARS, she's written multiple articles about building gunpla models, I know 100% of what I know about model-building because of her and no one else, fuck OFF twitter.com/laureninspace/…

Android : Andrew Twentyman Being trans isn't a political stance, but regardless, the mention is directly relevant because the creators have come out as trans since making the movie, and thus this has been a huge recent point of discussion around it.

Twitter Web App : RhymePhile "whoah" is what you utter when you want your team of livestock to slow down, obvs

Vox Media : The Matrix 4 is happening! Keanu Reeves, Carrie Ann Moss, and Lana Wachowski will all return. vox.com/culture/2019/8…