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Twitter Web Client : This paper shows the enormous potential of stable-isotopes from museum specimens to reveal historical change. Eastern Whip-poor-wills appear to be feeding lower on food chain than 130 yrs ago (but more baseline data are needed to understand the cause).……

Twitter Web Client : This list of bitchy responses to code/data requests is just beautiful. You can almost feel #1 removing the phrase young lady before hitting send.…

Twitter Web Client : Forget about simple bifurcations, the tree of life is reticulated: Genomic evidence for the natural fusion of distinct California and Holarctic lineages of Common Raven through speciation reversal…

Twitter Web Client : The justification for cutting USGS collections funding, that "collections no longer represent cutting-edge research," is such utter BS, easily disproven by an ever-growing stream of high-impact papers based on specimens.…

iPhone : [birds have] additional color cones in their retina that are sensitive to ultraviolet range.

I exposed some of my specimens to UV light.
The Puffins bill was pretty cool, I wonder if its related to signalling?

Twitter Web Client : Excited to share my latest work, now on bioRxiv! In this paper, we sequenced a bunch of new bird genomes to investigate genomic correlates of convergent loss of flght in the ratites (ostrich, emu, cassowary, moa, elephant bird, kiwi, rhea)…

iPhone : Thanks @hylopsar! It was a lot of fun to make, I would love to do it for more papers... just a matter of finding the time!