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Twitter Web App : “Who Won Last Night’s Democratic Debate?” - my #Deconstructed special episode is now up to listen to and share, including a discussion about the winners/losers with ⁦Waleed Shahid⁩ of Justice Democrats and ⁦Akela Lacy⁩ of The Intercept: theintercept.com/2019/11/21/who…

Twitter Web App : The Buttigieg campaign is suggesting that were somehow being unfair to his handling of minority contracts as mayor of South Bend. Contracts his city gave to black-owned firms are listed in his own report on the left here. I sense a pattern. theintercept.com/2019/11/20/pet…

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Twitter Web App : .@kristoncapps Rachel Cohen Nausicaa Renner The Intercept city officials, the Buttigieg campaign, & the consultant who did the study said you cannot compare it with city reports b/c they measure completely different things. this is why we relied on figures from the city's consistent annual reports, to be able to compare year by year

iPhone : .@kristoncapps Nausicaa Renner The Intercept Well it’s not “slightly” different, it’s completely different. That’s laid out in the piece. That’s why we cited the city reports b/c that’s what they’ve been using since at least 2013. They city isn’t disputing its own reporting. The new study just makes the numbers look better

Twitter Web App : .@kristoncapps The Intercept This information was in the article when we first published. The update refers to how the 12% figure was explained, based on incorrect information provided from the campaign. It came from a study that was privately conducted & used completely separate data from the city’s reports

Twitter Web App : gonna puke bc the whole public audience just lost their shit after Jackie Speier said Trump gets “5 pinocchios” on a daily basis