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iPhone : If you don’t drop everything you are doing and read this whole thread, thou art merely mad mustachioed purple hued malt worms.

(Insert Leslie Knope brilliant beautiful talented musk ox gif here) twitter.com/alisonlsloan/s…


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iPhone : Try reporting like objective journalists, and apologize to Hillary for helping push this buffoon front and center- for starters. nytimes.com/2018/07/19/opi…

iPhone : (Anyone who saw the interview with Coats know that he went patriotic, went thoughtful, went distinguished, went honorable, went...almost anything but rogue. The White House should be celebrating his performance as the best by any member of their team in months. Lawrence ODonnell ) twitter.com/TheLastWord/st…

iPhone : This woman is a 96-year-old vegan

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iPhone : The moment Lawrence ODonnell reads the breaking news from the NYT to Rachel Maddow MSNBC who immediately understands that if #TrumpKnew about the extent of Putins role in #RussianHacking on 1/6/17, hes been actively engaged in a coverup ever since.

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iPhone : Your vote matters.

If it didn’t, you wouldn’t have Republicans trying to suppress it.

If it didn’t, you wouldn’t have billionaires trying to buy it.

If it didn’t, you wouldn’t have Russians trying to hack it.

Your vote matters. Use it in November.

iPhone : I am white, bravenak. And I was fascinated and hopeful about and for Obama since the first time I heard him speak. I was riveted. I miss him. Sometimes, when I just can't deal, I watch him or Michelle on youTube. Best Prez of my lifetime. I was born in 59. twitter.com/BravenakBlog/s…

iPhone : Maria Butina: Russian Spy

Had sex with a person who raised huge sums of money for Trump campaign.

Gets indicted after FBI had been watching her for long time.

The next day Trump orders IRS to change laws and donors to the NRA dont have to be identified.


iPhone : The startling reality for all of us is that we are faced with a situation where our president, the person whom we have entrusted to lead this country, isnt all in for our nation. - Sally Yates, former acting attorney general

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iPhone : Before you scroll past...If you read only one thing today, it is this.

House GOP refuses to renew election security funding DESPITE Russian meddling risk.

Welcome to Trumpocracy - where truth and democracy are rejected.


iPhone : “Dana Rohrabacher is unfit to lead,” Rouda said in a statement after seeing Rohrabacher’s comments... "Every American, especially 30-year members of Congress, need to protect our Democracy from foreign attacks. Yet, Dana is sadly incapable of doing that.”