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iPhone : First time illegal entry into the United States is a misdemeanor.

Lying on or omitting materially relevant information from your SF86 (as Jared Kushner did multiple times by his own admission) is a felony.

Guess which one's getting prosecuted?

iPhone : Donald Trump’s day so far:

- Michael Cohen with Tom Arnold
- Insane Trump press conference
- UN condemns his child “torture”
- George Will says vote Democrat
- Papadopoulos sentencing date
- Cohen’s wife tells off Trump
- Mueller expands his team
- It’s still only 6:45pm

iPhone : #BREAKING:BOOYAH!! Rhode Island's Senate has UNANIMOUSLY VOTED for a measure that would require presidential candidates to release 5 year #TaxReturns to be placed on the state's ballot
#TheResistance #Trump #ConflictOfInterest #Emoluments #CNN #MSNBC

iPhone : I've seriously just about fucking had it with white women today. I had no idea so many were invested in this counterfactual idea that Melania is somehow a good person under it all. Fuck you, no she is not. STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR HER.

iPhone : Rosalynn Carter: “disgraceful and a shame to our country”

Laura Bush: "zero-tolerance policy is cruel and immoral"

Hillary Clinton: "this is a moral and humanitarian crisis"

Michelle Obama: "sometimes truth transcends party"

Melania Trump: "I really don't care, do u?"

iPhone : Stop gaslighting America. Democrats care about security and humanity; you care about your headlines. The Goodlatte bill failed because 41 House Republicans members opposed it. If we were allowed to vote on the DREAM Act, it would pass. twitter.com/realDonaldTrum…

iPhone : This cannot be RT enough. Please RT and ask your followers to also RT twitter.com/repjayapal/sta…

iPhone : Still no pictures of the girls in detention centers or tent cities etc. This many days later. Media - this has to be top question when you have the ability to ask: WHERE ARE THE GIRLS❓

iPhone : Unlocked. Don’t tweet truths at Ivanka trump no matter how cunty she is, no matter how right Samantha Bee is, no matter how many children she and her father harm. Twitter will lock all your accounts down.